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Today we were up early and back in ol' reliable to make our way east to north central New Zealand. We arrived at out hostel, the Rotorua Geothermal Holiday Park. We checked in then made our way into Rotorua and went to tour the old "living geothermal village", the villages actual name is around 20 syllables long so we won't ever try to attempt putting it on here. This village was quite interesting as they do their best to keep the heritage of their ancestors going by using the geothermal pools in the area to survive off of. These pools range anywhere from 60-190 Celsius and are used for everything in their everyday life. The cooler water is run over ground to somewhat cool it off then into big rock made tubs where they doing their bathing. Then the hot water pools are used to boil their foods such as corn, and seafood. They also use steam boxes, which are rock boxes built over holes in the ground that them steam from the pools below rises up to, they put lids on the boxes and steam all their meats (much like an oven but your food won't ever burn). We were tempted to try some of the foods there until we got a good whiff of the steam coming out of the ground. Kara thinks it smells like rotten eggs, and I think it smells like scorched arm hair. Either way, it was enough to turn us both off of trying their fresh meals. We toured around the village a bit more after our tour. It was very interesting to see the vibrant colors that the rock turns from the boiling mineral water running over it for years and years. After we finished our tour of the village, we made our way back to the downtown area to find supper. We figured we would treat ourselves tonight, ( we actually forgot our freezer bags and veggies at the Waitomo hostel, 2hrs away, so we were shit outta luck to cook supper for ourselves). We went to a little restaurant called "Sabroso", this was a Latin American restaurant. The food there was absolutely AMAZING. We had calamari with chipotle sauce, then sweet chilli shrimp, then Sabroso rolls with avocado cream, then fish tacos, the pumpkin cake with ice cream. Like I said, amazing, we ate and ate and ate, and I think it's safe to say we would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone! After all the food, it was game over for us. We had ambitions of going for a trek to the red wood forests, but we over ate and it was lights out!

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