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Hi all,

Today was a bit of a trying day as we seemed to be beleagured with all kinds of problems and delays big and small. We left Antigua this morning at no later than 4am, with the vain hopes of beating traffic going thru Guatemala City. That hope was dashed with the news of the sudden demise of the vehicle we were supposed to take, which was replaced - tardily - by a much smaller van. We crammed in like sardines, and headed off to Copan, Honduras.

First, we got a phone call that someone - one of our new joinees - had left their passport at the hotel, but we were already too far to go back, so Isaac, our new tour leader, used his crazy phone skills to get it couriered to us en route. Satisfied, we scored some breakfast and quickly dealt with the unfortunate flat tire we found upon coming out of the hotel.

Then we hit gridlock on the highway...the ONLY highway...which we learned was caused by a tractor-trailor rollover on a bridge and the road was down to one lane. For both directions. It took about an hour to clear that mess. Then we headed on to the border, which we found closed by a strike. This had us stuck at the Guatemala-Honduras border for 2 hours, until Isaac could -ahem- bargain our way through. By the time we got through the border and took two vans to the hotel in Copan, it was too late to actually visit the Copan ruins. GRR!!!

Luckily, we missed the 5.8 earthquake south of Guatemala City. Oh, and it poured rain all day.

So we´re all just chillin´ in Copan tonight, taking it easy and hoping our luck is improved tommorrow. But we´re in good spirits and excited about the prospect of seeing the ruins bright n' early on our way to Roatan in the morning!

Lots of love, Meg and Thom!

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