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Jack and Kathleen at the Park

Jack's favorite ride on the log float - floated 3 times :...

On the gondola ride on a cool and pleasant day

Top view of ride to be 'enjoyed' later

First bumper car ride during which my car was 'bumped' 10 times

A pricey ball throw : )

Waiting in the fumes for a car ride with many others

Jack driving the car

Apprehension before the ride-not-easily-forgotten

Just before the circular ride. Closing my eyes during flight was of...

Jack on a ride a little too small for his size

The smaller roller coaster enjoyed by Kathleen and Jack

The second bupper car ride during which my car was bumped 8...

A loaded Coney Island dog before the big ride

The Big Ride - Kathleen has her arms in the air waiting...

Jack enjoying a lemon Italian Ice

Finished quilt for Harry's mom

Close-up of quilt

Another quilt view

Quilt for Priscilla Stoltzfus who is in a nursing home

The start of the next quilt

June 4 – A Fun Day at Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park with Jack

The weather was perfect for a day at the park with Jack – sunny yet cool.

We arrived as the park opened and could enter the various rides without a long wait. Jack’s favorite ride was in a faux canoe that he steered on a rail on a large pond. Before we left the park, he had ridden it three times.

An aerial ride to the other end of the park gave us an overview of the rides and activities. We looked down on the newest ride on which riders laid on their stomachs on plastic shelves. We, Jack and I, chose to become more knowledgeable of this ride later.

With Jack, we rode on bumper cars twice, a medium sized roller coaster, motorized antique cars, a large slide on burlap bags and a wet (for Kathleen) water ride.

Two of the three of us had a light lunch before continuing our ride experiences. :) See photos.

We left the park after 5 hours just before the sprinkles started falling.

Kathleen and I came back to our RV without Jack to recuperate. My head still does not feel right after the ride-not-easily-forgotten. :)

Jack will join us again next weekend for a sleepover and maybe some more time on the basketball court and in swimming pool.

Have a great week.

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