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The Weather Channel says tornadoes are coming!

Big open spaces!

April 2, 2011: We spent the night at the Woods RV Park in Montgomery, Alabama. I had some trouble finding the park on my GPS, the address on "Sassafras Circle" was not in the database. I need to get online with Magellan and update my GPS, I'm told that is easy to do, but where am I going to find a grandchild around here to help me do it?

The park is neat and clean, and laid-out in a large area that is void of trees and shade. But, it has good cable television with a lot of channels, and good WiFi. My Passport membership wasn't good on the weekend (understandable), but I did get a discount using my "Good Sam" membership. A big diesel-pusher pulled in next to us last night about 10 PM, and was leaving just as I was getting up this morning. I'd have stayed down the road at the local Cracker Barrel for such a short overnighter.

So, I'm having my coffee, watching the Weather Channel, something to woman at the desk pointed out to me, as it is tornado season down here. A high of 77 is predicted today, with 5-10 mph winds and pleasant weather all weekend.

We'll be heading out in an hour, after I find a good route North. I'm going to see what the GPS can do for me on a trip to Minnesota using the "avoid freeways" option. The traffic coming into Montgomery yesterday was God-awful, and I'd like to avoid it as much as possible as we get by Birmingham and Memphis.

I'll let you know how I do.

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