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Goat in it's wild habitat.. a zoo

They looked even more bored than we were

Shawana trying not to lose a finger

Still trying not to lose a finger

The legs coming out the salt are jsut too much for words

Little fountains powered by the river

The dye room

Creepy little statue

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie that's...

This will haunt me for years...

Totally wanted to open the gate and let them go free

It's torture time!!!

The hung you from this rafter deal and cut you in two...

1000 year old Yew tree... Such a tree nerd

So first things first. Shawana is doing much better after her incident the other day but it is still definitely bothering her. She is being amazing and she is convinced that she needs to walk again to not ruin our trip but I am trying to tell her that after 8 months away, just spending time is the best thing that I could ask for right now! (Insert cheesy ahhhhs right now I know...)

So yesterday was spent with RICE(Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) as the main goal. We watched a bunch of BBC and other assorted TV shows and then called it a day with a little bit of take away from the restaurant right next door and woke up this morning with visions of grandeur and torture houses on our mind!!

We had seen in the lonely planet guide this place that was supposedly a old possessio which I believe roughly translates to plantation house. In the description it listed a bunch of things like spinners of wool, and dye room and old bedrooms and gaming rooms but the only thing that we got out of it was that it had a torture room downstairs that should all the horrible mean things people used to do to other people before it was against their human rights or some hippy mumble jumble.

We have begun to think that the guide book doesn't get to pick the adventures no more... After a sub-par showing at Sa Calobra and now a piss-poor showing at La Granja, we have abandoned the book and just now dedicated to driving till we find something! The outside of the house was highlighted with the donkey, goats, and pig; but from there it all went downhill rather quickly and nothing else is much worth mentioning except for the horrible dry rot smell that filled most of the house.

It is really quite sad because the house had some furniture and clothes from the 16th century and it was all out in the open and was beginning to fall apart from being exposed to the elements and everyone coming by and touching it. On the plus side they did have a lot of torture stuff like a spiky chair and 'The Rack' that was fun to look at but sadly was not enough to redeem the adventure as a whole and we look forward to our move to Alaro tomorrow.

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