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Crossing the canal from the reservoir to the generating station

Toll bridge to cross over the Niagara River Grand Island (near Buffalo)

Western view (towards Canada) as we cross the bridge over the widest...

Crossing the bridge on the south end of Grand Island towards Buffalo

Buffalo marinas on the Niagara

Peace Bridge between US & Canada from Buffalo

Buffalo skyline

Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arean

Buffalo River

Gold Medal Flour Plant in Buffalo

Wind Generation on the Canada side

Buffalo's FORD stamping plant

Leaves are changing in August

Indian version of the Muffler Men

Is FALL occuring already?

End of the New York Thruway (Toll Highway)

Welcome back to PA

Wineries and vinyards along Lake Erie

Starting to come into the foothills of the Appalachians

This made us laugh

Coming through Pittsburgh

Today we came back to the Norwin Elks Lodge for the Labor Day weekend festivities they invited us to attend, and to have somewhere to stay over the holiday weekend.

One of the sights we saw along the way was a large Indian. He is part of the family of Muffler Men in the United States. You can go to Muffler Men to read more about them.

There was field after field of grape vinyards along the highway south of Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA. Must be good weather for growing grapes along the lake.

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