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Bryce Canyon 3-mile hike - the start!

View of the trail - look just above the tree tops.

Two rock windows on the world.

Typical slot canyon.

Ascending switchbacks.

Thor's hammer and what we chose to call, "Trinity Rocks"

Back at the top - mission accomplished!

Dusty boots and tired feet. We did it!

Today we arose bright and early (for us, that is) at 7:30am to get an early start to begin our exploration of Bryce Canyon National Park. We arrived at the visitor center, paid our entrance fee and asked a few questions of the very helpful folks there.

They recommended a the "Best Three Mile Hike in the World" to us. We're thinking: "Three miles? Up and down a canyon? At 8,000+ feet above sea level?" So of course, that's what we chose to do.

We had our backpack equipped with lots of fresh water, snacks and fruit. We put on our new hiking boots we had purchased in Calgary last week, and got ready to give them (and us) a good workout.

After driving to the Sunrise lookout, we had a pleasant half-mile walk on the canyon rim to Sunset lookout, where we began our descent on the Queens Garden trail, descending about 580 feet, where we joined the Navajo loop trail. Incredible scenery. We stopped at the lower part of the trail to enjoy our lunch. The we began our ascent to the rim. The ascent was moderately demanding with many switchbacks and narrow trails. We had to stop once in a while to catch our breath and also to marvel at our Creator's handiwork. Dawna stopped once and raised her hands in praise, and Jim even sang a couple of lines of "How Great Thou Art." We reached the rim in about 2.5 hours.

Words cannot begin to describe the scenery here so we've posted a couple of photos for you to see for yourself. Don't know how many times today one or the other of us would stop and say, "Wow, look at that" or, "How awesome is that?"

Now we're back 'home' in our RV for a good night's rest. Looking forward to "Marching (actually driving) to Zion" tomorrow - seems fitting for a Sunday, don't you think?

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