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Made it to the Pacific

Pacific Coast in sunshine

Harbor seals lolling around

Mom with pup nursing

She sure looks pregnant

Finally, we’ve reached the Pacific Ocean at Ft. Bragg, CA – not too far above San Francisco. It is beautiful, especially when the sun shines, with the rocky coast and blue waters, big waves and so much wildlife to watch. This is “pupping” season for the Harbor Seals – so we were on the lookout for babies being born. Never did see one, but did watch a fairly new pup struggling to get its blubbery unwieldy body up to its Mom. She offered no assistance, but patiently waited as he inched inches forward and feet backward – guess she was teaching survival.

The seals spend most of the day lolling around on the sharp rocks, barking but not moving much at all. We were surprised at how many different colors there were.

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