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We thought this was a western set. No, it was a rubber...

We needed an oil change

A long tunnel


Waiting for a long tunnel

A good lunch site

Our campsite




Very touristy



Visitor center

Lots of people

A model of the park

On the mandatory bus

Rock climbers

A waterfall

A rainbow

Emerald pool


Many visitors

A native





Zion snail




Swirling water


This was a driving day to Zion National Park. This park is quite crowded and regulated even in April. We came in the east entrance and went through the long tunnel - a real experience - before descending into the main part of the park. Our reserved campsite was nice, and had electricity - unusual in a national park.


This morning we took the required shuttle bus to explore Zion. It was very warm, the bus was not air-conditioned, and crass as this may seem, there were not a lot of hikes of our speed available and the scenery, beautiful as it was, was quite repetitive. There may be something about feeling confined is a rather narrow valley and too much religious naming of the formations, but Anne went back to the campground which had the same beautiful landscape as anywhere else in Zion, while Tom went to the end of the bus line and back, with several stops to walk around and take photos.


We had a three-night reservation, and decided to stay and relax without going on the bus again. The campground was comfortable, and with electricity, not too much effort or any running of the generator.

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