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on the boat to Caye Caulker

Having an awesome rum rum punch at the sandbox.

Poco enjoying the sunset

check out the boat's name

Elaine in Caye Caulker, how can you tell.

Here's a picture of Lobster Boy

I've never called Steve from here before

Poco with his new guitar, playing with some Belizian friends.

Just so you know how far away we are

in front of the sign

We left Orange Walk early in the morning to catch the bus to Belize City. Here again we were on an old school bus. Cory says that if you ever wondered where school buses go to die its Central America. He’s sure he recognised several buses he used as a child. We discovered that these buses are used for more than just transporting people. We shared the bus with three 50 pound bags of onions, a hundred pound bag of potatoes, a compressor, and a crate of live chickens.

We arrived at Belize City, and booked our transportation to Caye Caulker. It was a 45 minute boat ride on a water taxi. Once on the Island we found, our accommodation, at the Happy Lobster. Lobster boy felt quite at home. It was plain and simple, but as we were only using it for sleeping it was quite sufficient. Once we settled in, and had lunch, we headed off to go on a three hour tour. Yes a three hour “snorkelling” tour. On the tour we stopped at three different spots.

The first one, we saw all kinds of fishes and coral. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world. The largest is in Australia. It was really quite beautiful seeing all the fabulous colours. Once back in the boat we headed to our next spot. We didn’t have to put our fins on, just jump into the water and look at all the stingrays that were swimming by. Of course everybody started talking about Steve Irwin but Cory was brave (or stupid) and jumped into the middle of a pod. Approximately 25 rays were milling about him. He said their skin felt quite like wet mushrooms. After a brief snack on board, we headed to our final stop where we were allowed to go off and explore the reef. It was an excellent trip, and the weather was beautiful.

We then went to a restaurant called the Sandbox for dinner. This was a very interesting place, and it was exactly like a giant sandbox. No maintenance for the floor, just raking it every once in a while. This place had incredibly powerful and potent rum punches, and after dinner, Cory, Elaine and Fiona were all acting a little bit silly. There are lots of phones on the Island, so they took the opportunity to make a couple of phone calls.

That night there was a windstorm, and when we woke up in the morning we saw cloudy skies. The temperature had dropped a little bit as well.

We caught the boat back to Belize City, and had seats at the back. After Cory got completely soaked from the spray, he moved to the side, a slightly drier spot.

Once back at Belize we got on another local bus and headed to Dangriga, a small coastal town. We wandered around, and then jumped on the next bus to Placencia. It was here that we found a room at the Traveller’s Inn. This one had a private bath and shower so that was nice.

We woke up in the morning, to even cloudier skies, and Elaine looked funny with long pants on. It was actually such a shame, as this meant she had to hide her tanned legs.

We stopped for breakfast at a little restaurant called Serenade by de Sea, and the owner told us all sorts of information, about the Garafuna people, the local Mayans , her noisy neighbours the loud American tourists and her views on voodoo and the news stories of the day.

Well I had better get ready to go, I need to supervise Elaine packing up as we are heading off to Punta Gorda.

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