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Em looking cooooooooooool after her museli!!

Surf at 'The Point' in Mossel bay

We Rock!!!

Some pwitty houses at The Point

Misty Mossel bay

Santos Beach in Mossel Bay. Just above the beach on the left...

The slippery slope to Mossel Bay. It REALLY was a big steep...

Em was feeling a little bit better today so as it was lubbily weather we went for a loonnnnnnnnggggggggg stroll down to the 'Point'. Had a late brecko in the restaurant there, I had a 'Breakfast Toastie' but a still slightly pastey Pettet opted for the Museli & Yoghurt suprise!

There was a really nice beach further round into the bay and the sea looked beautiful however after paddling it turned out that it was frickin freezing!!!

Hopefully further up the coast we'll get a nice warm bit of Indian Ocean action and maybe we'll even have a go at surfing!

I'll still keep my eye out for the Japanese Whaling fleet just in cae though!!

Had some fud at the Mugg & Bean and then a nice bit of Cakey Cake for afterwards!


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