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On Monday June 23rd we caught our flight to Prague. We checked into our hotel at about 7pm and having just bought a new mini lap top at Heathrow we spent most of the night downloading all of our photos so we had room on the memory card to take more photos. We were excited because we had a kettle in our room – the things you take for granted at home – so we got 2min noodles for dinner mmm.

On Tuesday we had a bit of a sleep in then headed into the city for a wander around – it was about a 20min walk. We wandered around for a few hours then headed back to the hotel for more 2min noodle dinner. I'm so sick of watching CNN news, its the only channel in English here but all they can talk about is Zimbabwe. I think we might be staying in the dodgy area cos while Brent was out having a smoke he saw the guy across the street slam his girls head into the window frame a couple of times while he was being approached by another guy to see if he wanted a madame for the night ewwe.

On Wednesday we got up early to explore the city again, we grabbed a coffee then did some shopping in this awesome record store which has all these 80s rock cds that are pretty hard to get at home so we stocked up on Def Leppard and Metallica. Then we found a sushi joint for lunch ah it was great. Then it was time to head out on our city tour. It was a 4 hour walking tour around the city. We started near the museum at the memorial for the two suicide victims who set themselves on fire in protest to communism. Then we went to see the balcony where the velvet revolution took place. Then we went to see the astronomical clock which sits on the former town hall – i had no idea how to read it though. We came back to watch it do a show later. From here we walked down the Parizska its Prague's answer to Paris's Champs Elysse – Louis vitton, channel, dior etc. At the end of the road is this huge metronome signifying that nothing is forever/everything is relative. This used to be the sight of the biggest ever statue of Stalin which was only up for 7 years coz thats how long it took the Czechs to realize that Stalin was an evil dictator so they pulled it down and replaced it with the metronome – it was a huge waste of money, they could have built 4 hospitals with the money used to erect the statue. Anyhoo after that we wandered through the Jewish quarter where there is this seemingly tiny graveyard but given that the jews were segregated to their area for like 200years and couldn't expand they had to start burying people on old graves, now this cemetery is 12 stories high with over 100,000 people buried there now.

After that we caught the tram up to Prague castle which houses St Vitius cathedral which took over 600 years to complete – finished in 1929. Then we went to check out the Charles bridge which has statues all over it, and there are heaps of stalls along the bridge selling jewelry and pictures. When we wandered back to check out the stalls the wind picked up and within 10 minutes it started pissing down with rain. So we legged it to the shop to grab some dinner – soup and salad. Then grabbed a taxi back to the hotel, completely drenched.

On Thursday we had to check out of the hotel by 11 but wernt getting picked up for our air port transfers until 6pm so we headed into the city for a lazy day. I did some shopping – new jeans, i have now joined the skinny leg crew, and some shoes too. We grabbed some Chinese for lunch although considering the amount of chili in it i think it may have been Thai. So we had to get a slushy ice cream to cool ourselves down after that. Then we just wandered down the mall and back to the hotel in time for our transfer. Eventually we rocked up in Newcastle at about 11pm ready for a shower and a sleep.

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