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Dockwise Yacht Transport

See how they sink the aft of the ship to unload the...

Bay at Isla San Francisco

Mike and Manuel the Pangero going fishing

Scallop Ceviche for Lunch

Manuel and his Cabria catch in Los Gatos

Mike and his Sierra catch

Kayaking in Agua Verde

Oh yeah!

Isla San Fransciso from the mountain top

Jelly Fish on the way to Isla Danzante

Drying clothes in 25kts can be interesting, not your average laundrymat situation...

Nancy & Kenny of Brandywine

Morning walk with the goats in Agua Verde

Bay at Agua Verde

Yeah, more kayaking

Sunrise at Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante (Dancer Island)

Campfire with National Geographic passengers

National Geographic Seabird

Funny sign we saw hiking on Isla Danzante, no water closet (bathroom)

These babies get huge!

All alone in Honeymoon Cove

Puerto Escondido, Home of Hidden Port Yach Club

Once we left La Paz we saw a huge ship unloading yachts. The company is Dockwise and they can transport yachts aboard. We witnessed the unloading only but were fascinated. It is an expensive service but really cool. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the season down here then have your boat delivered to say, the Pacific Northwest or Alaska without beating up the coast for months to get there? Maybe someday.

After one month in Mazatlan and a week in La Paz we were ready to hit some quiet anchorages. Once you get away of cities and their diversions you really begin to feel like you just live your life out on the water. Stopped at many anchorages on our trek north since we last had internet, so here goes.

Isla San Francisco - Beautiful bay with nice rocky hiking trails. Found some cool treasures on the point such as Mike’s new favorite Rapalo jig and a fisherman’s float. We got to witness a fierce foot long eel eating a crab limb by limb. Amazing stuff we were lucky to witness, of course I didn’t have the camera on that little jaunt. With some strong northerlies one night a boat near us dragged anchor and almost ran onto the shore hitting another boat before they saved themselves. Unfortuantely the couple is elderly and didn’t have a windlass (auto anchor winch) so they had to manually raise their anchor to reset all the while the wife didn’t know how to start the engine. In the end, no persons nor property were injured.

Puerto Los Gatos- Met Manuel a 63 year old tough panga fisherman. He provided us with scallops, dove for lobster in the evening with 20+ knot winds, took Mike out fishing one evening until after 9 p.m. Mike caught lots of fish (kept 1) that night and really learned how the fisherman get their catch here in the sea. Manuel's catch was a 5 lb. cabrio which provided us with 2 really nice dinners. Due to high winds, we hunkered down for a few days and caught up on laundry and boat stuff then moved on.

Agua Verde- Nice sheltered bay with a tiny village and an even smaller store. We were able to purchase just a few fresh things including local goat cheese. We even took a morning walk with the goats one day. Just when we thought to leave, we met a really wonderful couple, Kenny and Nancy on Brandywine who enticed us to stay longer. They own a ranch and board and train thoroughbreds in Escondido. They are both judges for really big shows in Del Mar and elsewhere. They live here in Baja part time and have taught us how to hunt for scallops and clams. We shared dinner from the sea last night, most all of which Nancy caught. She is a crazy diver, deep and can stay in the cool water here for hours. She outlasts myself and the guys as well. We shared another night of fresh clam chowder, hmmmm. We hope to spend time with them at their home/palapa in Puerto Escondido before we leave this area.

Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante - Spent a couple of nights here and hiked. The National Geographic Seabird is an explorer ship was at anchor here and invited us to shore to share their drinks and desert with a campfire for the full moon. Met lots of really nice people. Sounds like a cool way to cruise. Five naturalists were on board and everyone raved about how fun the experience has been for the last week. We hiked here and just enjoyed being alone after they all left.

Puerto Escondido – Well we made it to a spot where we can provision after two weeks. Our friends from Brandywine came in a couple days after us and they took us on a tour of Loreto and Juncalido where they have a trailer/palapa house. Really cool place. We liked the Loreto area and were able to go to the grocery store, liquor store a restaurant or two and the farmers market. We are good to go for another week or two. So tomorrow off we go but plan on returning to Pt. Escondido for Loreto Fest, no it’s not in Loreto.

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