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Lunch view

Recognize this building - anyone?

Arch of Hadrian

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Nick gazing in awe

Greek guards at their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

In front of the Roman Agora

The most expensive drinks ever found, in front of the Acropolis. 13...

While this guide to the Acropolis may not say much, he works...

Gatwick Airport - Now voted Kyla and Nick's LEAST favorite airport. Our gate was posted 40 minutes before the flight departure time and simply noted "now boarding" when it finally was noted. Interesting given that there were notice boards everywhere setting out that the walk to the gate was 15 minutes. 5 minutes after the initial "now boarding", the posting changes to "boarding closing". Even those moving sidewalks can't compensate for 10 minutes of walking. It wasn't much of a worry though because we arrived at the gate and waited 25 minutes until boarding. Go figure!! It speaks to a general level of confusion at this, London's first, and still crumbling, aiport.

But on to Greece...

We arrived at 11:00. Stood in each and every line up through passport control as we always seemed to be in the slowest line. We took the Metro in to town. The shiniest, cleanest, prettiest, safest underground in the world (or through our eyes). We weren't too sure about our hotel at first - there were big lights noting live performances of an adult nature, at the crossroad. We were fooled though as our hotel is a quiet and peaceful spot in this busy, loud and confusing city!

Kyla writing

Firstly I would like to apologize to all of you Athonians... Athians? Athigonians? You see, I had thought that with all of the similarities that you had with Rome (a place I have visited twice and thought that once was quite enough) that you would share a lot in common. It isn't that I generally draw conclusions about places I have never visited but I thought that with the similar climate, close locations to the water, shared history, enjoyment of late dinning etc that it was a fair assumption.

I was wrong. Very, very, wrong. I would return to Athens in a heartbeat. Aside from Omonian Square, I found Athens to be quite clean. It is very safe (likely moreso than Ottawa). From what I could see, people from Athens work in Athens. There are many tourists but the city is not over-run by tourists. The Greek are proud of their culture and history - they maintain their sites, charge exceptionally reasonable rates to access them and welcome you with open arms and no pretentions. This I liked. For the budget traveller Athens is quite accessable. Bottled water is dirt cheap (1 euro for a litre), delicious bagel-like breads are plentiful and filling (for a mere .50 euro). I was actually getting a bit antsy - we were finally charged tourist prices for something (our drinks below the Acropolis) on day four! Four whole days! I don't think I have ever been in an international city for that long without getting overcharged for something.

So there is no logic to your sidewalks, your streets could use many more lights and you take your life into your hands each time you cross the street. Whatever! I still really like you Athens.

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