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What a beautiful day in Bryce Canyon, with blue skies, temperatures in the 70's and a cool breeze blowing just about everywhere I went. Lots of activity this morning. I drove all the way to the end of the Bryce Canyon Road to Rainbow Point, and then worked my way back toward the entrance, stopping at all of the viewpoints along the way. Then I went to the Sunset Point viewpoint and descended into the canyon via the Navajo Trail. Towards the end of the Navajo Trail it levels out and connects with the Queens Garden Trail which then ascends back up the canyon ending at Sunrise Point for a total of about 3 miles and a total elevation change of about 580 ft. Then I followed the Rim Trail for about 1/2 mile back to my Ranger. Lots of energy and effort expended, but worth every bit of it.

Right now it's raining and thundering, like it tends to do often in the afternoon most everywhere that I've been. If it clears up I'll be going back into the Park about 6:30pm to Bryce and Sunset Points to get sunset pictures of the Amphitheater area, which is the area most often pictured.

The elevation at Rainbow Point about 9,100 ft. and the campground is at about 7,800 ft. which accounts for the cool weather. High and/or north will likely be my mantra during the hot summer months in the future. I intend to avoid temperature extremes as much as I can during my travels.

This is the second time that I've been to Bryce Canyon, and it seems even more spectacular than I remember from the last time. The great weather has something to do with that. Let's hope that it continues.

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