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Thanksgiving - the Dessert Table

Thanksgiving - the Crowd

Thanksgiving - the Buffet

Dry Camping in the Dessert

It goes for miles!

The Dune on the way to Yuma

Interesting Rock Formations

More Dry Camping

Sunset in Yuma

Lutes Casino

Ken, Mavis, Maureen, Larry

Imperial Date Farm - had a Date Shake here!

Arizona Proving Ground

Tank at the Arizona Proving Ground


Rocket Launcher


Entrance to Yuma Territorial Prison - built in 1876

Cell Block - 3,069 prisoners went through here from 1876 to 1909

Bunks in a Cell

Dark Cell (Solitary Confinement)

Electric Chair (aka Barber Shop)

Inside a Cell

Notice the ring between the beds - prisoners were tied to it...

The Yard

Entrance to the Cell Block

Cell Block

Prisoner Transport

Saguaro at the Prison

Ocean to Ocean Historic Bridge

Colorado River and the Desert

Donkeys at the Camel Farm

They love to eat!

The Three Amigos


Alpaca - what a wonderful face!

Arabian Camel




Patagonian Cavy - largest member of Guinea Pig family


They have a pretty good reach!

How about those eyelashes!


Cool rock formations on the way to Casa Grande

On the way to Casa Grande

A big black rain cloud in Phoenix

The tree decorated

All lit up!

Our Sign

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Pool Volleyball...

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Salt Water...

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Pool Volleyball...

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Palms

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Golf Course

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Pond

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - 7th Hole

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Entrance

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Entrance

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Entrance

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Rangers

Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort - Casa Grande - Registration

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Camel Farm - Fallow Deer

(MP4 - 2.30 MB)

Camels at the Camel Farm

(MP4 - 3.91 MB)

Barbados Sheep (that's the sound of a camel at the end)

(MP4 - 2.73 MB)

Ostrich at the Camel Farm

November 22 was the American Thanksgiving. We attended a potluck dinner in our RV Park in El Centro along with about 80 other people! The park provided turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and whipped cream to go with dessert. There was tons of food and of course we ate so much we could barely move. There was a lot of walking around the park after that. Fortunately, it was at 3 p.m. so we had time to work it off before bed.

We moved on to Yuma, Arizona on Friday, November 23. On the way there we passed many sand dunes where people "dry-camp" in the desert. Since this was part way into the Thanksgiving weekend it was quite busy. However, apparently later on it grows by thousands of units. Everyone seems to own an ATV or dune buggy.

Yuma consists mainly of RV Parks and some good shopping but it does not have a Costco. We met up with some friends of ours, Ken and Mavis. Ken used to work for Larry at PCS and also years before that with Electrohome. Ken plays the saxophone in a four-piece band called Route 66 every Saturday night at the Fortuna D'Oro RV Park. They play for three hours and draw quite a dancing crowd and you bring your own booze to this dance. There music consists of 50's through 80's and they are outstanding! Oh and by the way their piano player is only 90.

Sunday was Grey Cup and we had our own little party - mainly just consisting of crackers and dip - Larry went out to try and find some pepperoni sticks but either every Canadian in Yuma bought it all or the Americans don't know what pepperoni is as the whole town was sold out. Monday we connected with Dick, a friend of Larry's brother who used to live in Estevan Saskatchewan. He has been coming down to Yuma every year for many years. In between times, we drove around a lot - discovered shopping areas, looked for a butcher shop and purchased a steak called a "Skirt Steak" which was awesome marinated and then BBQ'd . We saw many different areas of town - again with the help of "Berta" our GPS.

Tuesday we spent the day with Ken and Mavis. We started by driving around town a bit then headed for Mexico (Algodones, to be exact). It is a perfect little town to just walk across the border, everything is right there. To begin, Ken pointed out his favourite barber shop called Ruiz so Larry decided he needed a haircut. There were 6 barber chairs filled with at least 6 waiting inside and another 6 or more waiting outside. Ken pointed out that the seniors hair cut rate of $3.00 so Larry paid $3.00 (gotta deal) and gave a standard $1.00 tip. Oh, and by the way the haircut turned out pretty good, too. Maureen and Mavis left Ken and Larry and continued around the block to a bunch of shops. Along the way, Maureen encountered a street vendor who was looking for a wife and propositioned her by asking if she would like to marry him. When Maureen said no, he then asked her if she would be available for a couple of hours! Oh, and of course as you guessed it, Maureen declined. You can't really stop at the booths to look at anything or especially touch anything as they will hound you in to trying to get you to buy something. We then stopped at a combined drug and liquor store, very interesting. You can take your current prescription there and you can buy the same knock off product for mere dollars. At the liquor side we sampled Tequila and Macadamia liqueur. You are allowed to bring back a bottle of liquor each so we did, at prices that are half of what they are in the USA or Canada. We only spent about an hour there - because we don't need any more stuff - but it was really fun and entertaining.

We then went back to the car after spending considerable amount of time standing in line to clear US customs and then back to Yuma. We went to a famous place called Lutes Casino in old town Yuma for lunch. We had the special COMBO BURGER (a burger patty with two sliced grilled hot dogs on top) - something Larry is famous for as well at his staff BBQ's. They were excellent. All in all, a great day.

Wednesday we took in the Yuma Territorial Prison which was very interesting. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch. Excellent BBQ pulled pork and ribs - we bought some sauce there as well. Then we found a camel farm which had been listed in the tourist magazine. Very bad signage and without our GPS we never would have found it. It wasn't very busy but what a great place. You can see from the photos that we had fun. They sell food for the animals in red beer cups - we think they are just trained to go for the beer cups. What a bunch of characters and the camels were amazing. The most exciting was the three miniature donkeys who were real characters and make all sorts of noises at the fence. Then we stopped at the Peanut Patch which used to be a working peanut farm but which is now mainly a market with peanuts, dates, dried fruit, etc. Lots of Christmas shopping could be done here.

Thursday was supposed to be a rest day. Larry was fixing our wobbly dining table but we had to go out for supplies. While we were out we went to Dave's again for BBQ and bought more sauce. Then we stopped at the Arizona Marketplace which is a giant flea market and spent two hours walking/scooting around there. While we were there we found a booth that made wooden signs so we had one made that you can see in one of the pictures. We only went out for lunch but 4 hours later we returned to the coach.

Friday, November 30 we headed for Casa Grande and ran into some weather. It reminded us of home. Pouring rain and lots of wind. That lasted until Saturday afternoon. Then it started to warm up again. We are staying at the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande for two weeks and this RV Resort is a true 5 Star Resort and it only has a mere 1911 RV Sites

Friday night and part of Saturday we had torrential rains. Fortunately, at this campground, the ground is gravel and not sand so we didn't have any mud. On Saturday we headed into Phoenix for some exploration and we came across Beaudry RV which probably has over a $150M worth of RV's on their lot. It's huge. We kicked some tires looking at a Monaco Dynasty and an American Tradition but they didn't jump out at us. We then went and toured 6 RV Resorts looking for somewhere to go in January but haven't seen anything quite like The Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande. While in Tempe we stopped at an Ace Hardware for hooks to hang our new sign. When the cashier saw the sign, she first thought BC meant Baja California. When she found out it was in Canada, she said she had always wanted to go there and find a Mountie. She thought they were really cute. We said they are having a hard time of it right now, with some taser deaths, and she said, "But they're still cute, right?" What can we say?

More to follow, Bye for now

Larry and Maureen

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