Putters Travels 2007 travel blog

Lorin and Cookie's home in Tacoma

Nice wide driveway to park the RV

View from road

Looking back to garage

WeWe with Cookie goofing off

Inside the bowels of a ferry

Seattle skyline behind ferry docking area

WeWe giving me the eye

Mt Rainer, Washington. View from rear of Cathy and Bob's house

USAF C-17 flyover during 4July show

Cookie, Lorin, Kathy and Bob tummy on back patio

Tacoma docks and container area

View looking across to Old Tacoma and entrance to bay

After a four day spree of good eats with Mikie and Rosie we headed for the Welanders and Putters brother, Bogie. Well they WERE born on a golf course in Merlin, Oregon.

So far the weather has been very nice with blue skies and a few clouds. We took a ferry ride to enjoy a great day on the sound. We celebrated July 4th at Lorin's sister Kathy and husband Bob Byran at their home over looking Conception Bay and Tacoma city. We watched the airshow and fireworks while enjoying a barbecue and snacks.

This will be our last stop in the states for a while. We are headed to Calgary on the 5th. We want to visit two couples we have met while RV'ing, both from Alberta. Plan to see the Calgary Stampede while there. More later.

Note: The ferry pictures were taken with my cell phone camera. Not the best quality but I was glad I had it cuz the other camera was left in the RV. I regret not getting a photo of the ferry. The opportunity never presented itself due to various causes and timing.

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