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Sulphuric toxins spewing out of the crater

Funny, but seriousely, we couldn't stay too long, it was making us...

Devastation Trail

Life starting to grow again

Pele's tears

In Thurston Lava tube

It took us 3 hours to hike down and across Kilauea Iki...

In the crater holding Pahoehoe Lava. It was extremely light

On A'a Lava

Ethan studying a crack in the crater and finds steam coming out...

We had to go up to the volcano twice. The first day we went up was a rainy day and we could not see two feet in front of us. The volcano seems to have its own weather system. We got lucky the second day with sunny weather because apparently it is usually unpredictable weather. We started off driving around Crater Rim Drive, which takes you all around the craters and gives you the chance to view steam vents and areas where there is sulphuric toxin spewing out of cracks in the earth. Then we took a hike down into one of the craters; Kilauea Iki. It took us about 3 hours, maybe more because we could not walk 5 minutes without stopping to see something. Sisley and Ethan were amazed to actually be in a crater that still has steam coming out of cracks in the earth and the thought of there being lava beneath our feet where we were standing was too cool. It was a fantastic and very educational day.

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