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Orchards abound! So wonderful to see...and eat!


Sooo fresh!

My favorites....

Pear Orchard


Smallwood's Country Mercantile

Smallwood's Harvest


A Big Chick!

An OLD tractor!

Lot's to choose from!

Pine Village KOA, Leavenworth

Larry & Onyx enjoying the fresh air...

Too many squirrels to watch at once!! Oh My....

Entering Leavenworth

Larry on bridge over Wenatchee River

Wenatchee River in Leavenworth


A Private quaint!

Front Street...

Downtown on Front Street...

Cute....sorry about the shadows!

Lot's of yodeling done here!

The local gardener & street washer...for real!

Saw him watering these yesterday!

The local Tea House

Gifts for all tastes!

Everyone Participates!


Over 5000 Nutcracker's

The Winery!

The Book Store

Festival Hall

It smells so good!

The pavilion is open for all to use...

Dusk with the Mayflower Pole

The Alley Cafe...

The Italian food was excellent...& affordable!

Hotel Edelweiss

Hwy 2 - Leavenworth

We left Idaho & with the advice of a couple of our Washingtonian friend's, Jim & Pat Cooper & Jenny J, decided to head west to the little Bavarian village of Leavenworth. Crossed the stateline into Spokane & headed West on Hwy 2. Shortly after leaving the city limits, we found ourselves going through miles & miles of farmland. We passed too many small cities to mention, saw many lakes, a couple of dams, started up the Cascade Mountain Range, and dropped down into the twin cities of Wenatchee & East Wenatchee.

Nestled at the confluence of the Wenatchee & the Columbia Rivers the twin cities are cradled in a fertile valley divided geographically by the Columbia River. Known as "The Apple Capital of the World", Wenatchee Valley is dotted with roadside stands, farmer's markets, farm tours & much more. The idea of buying some fruits direct from the orchard was very appealing to us so we stopped (with great difficulty, there was alot of traffic on Hwy 2) at Freil's Orchard & purchased some apples, nectarines, plums, pears, & best of all some O'Henry's peaches the size of a softball! If you have never had a fresh one right out of the orchard you have really missed out! This particular orchard grows over 100 varieties of apples alone! after putting them all in the fridge (that was a we were on our way again.

A few miles down the road we just had to pull over again...due to the decorating I Smallwood's Country Mercantile. It was a very interesting place with lots of pickled, canned, jarred & fresh everything!! Every fruit & vegetable imaginable.

And a little further down the road we stopped in Cashmere to check out the Aplet's & Cotlet's candy factory. After a short tour & a lot of sampling, we left with 2 boxes of their wonderful candies. The one box has Apple & Apricot candies with Premium English walnuts cut into bite-sized pieces, soft to chew, dusted in powder sugar! Yum...The other different assorted fruits with the same dusting, soft to chew...never had anything like them, also, 2 jars of fresh preserves (the peach we sampled was to die for!), & 2 bags of Apple chips (one caramel & one cinammon). Guess we'll be riding our bikes more!!

Finally arrived in Leavenworth, went straight to the KOA campground, checked in, set up & headed downtown. Wow! What an enchanting place. We can tell already we are going to like it here so we called the campground & extended for an extra that's confidence.

Nestled tightly against mountains that rise to more than 8,000 ft, Leavenworth transformed itself into a Bavarian Village in the 1960's - as authentic & delightful as those found in the Alps themselves. Buildings are decorated with ornate woodwork & Bavarian motifs, restaurants feature German cuisine & shops purvey everything from local crafts to fine European imports. Even the residents have joined the fun with absolutely darling bungalows.

We have tried our best to photograph some of the restaurants, shops & homes to share with you all. Guess you can see the flavor all around us. When we strolled Front street last night, the Bavarian music was playing all around, the flowers smell awesome & the mood is one of just plain fun!

Oh, our meal at Andreas Keller restaurant was awesome. Brats, german potato salad, BIG pretzels with Bavarian mustard (and I don't even like mustard!) and Octoberfest Beer (one of the many different types they offer, this is a medium colored one, not a dark ale)for Larry! I had to laugh, he was not even done with the first one & he said he wished he could have another, it was so good, but I would have to carry him out of there if he did! A little stronger than he is used too! Anyway, one is enough...right?!

They are busy setting up beer tents for the Octoberfest festival which officially starts Friday. We are leaving Friday morning so will miss all of the fun & activities. They have the Octoberfest festival 3 weekends in a row during the month of October, so quite a busy place. They are coming into our KOA already. There is a festiveness in the air!

Tomorrow we are going to sightsee up Steven's Pass & since I have WAY too many photos I am going to split this into 2 posts. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of this quaint little Bavarian Village as much as we are enjoying sharing them with you...

Auf Wiedersehen for now...

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