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Sunset on the lake

Pastie Lunch

Mackinaw Bridge

Driving over the Bridge

Yooper Peninsula Michigan

That's what they call the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yep, we finally made it to Michigan. Seems like we would never get here.

I think there are at least as many lakes in Michigan as there were in Minnesota! I will combine all the stops we made here. The scenery is great here. The country is just like you would expect a cabin in North Michigan to be. Lots of evergreen trees and underbrush. Guess they get a lot of snow here in the winter.

Our first night was in a little town of Manistique. We had a campsite on a little lake called Indian Lake. We were only there for one night, but it was a nice stop and we did some necessary chores.

The next two nights were spent in Cedarville. This is just east of St Ignace and the Mackinaw Bridge. Our original intentions were to explore Mackinaw Island, but after talking to some of the folks in the RV parks, we decided it was just a little too rich for our blood. The first night, Don and Bonnie, Dick and Gail and Tony and Juliann all went north to see the locks at Sault St. Marie. Larry and Diane stayed home, as it was their night to fix dinner for the group. We did head down to the docks at sunset and it was well worth the walk.

The second day, since we decided not to take the boat ride to Mackinaw Island, we all went down to St Ignace and explore the town and have lunch out. We all had a Michigan favorite, Pasties. (Pronounced Pass-Tee's) Now, these are not the most flavorable, but they are good. They are basically meat pies with potatoes, turnips, and carrots wrapped in pastry with out any gravy. I don't think we will be having them again, although they were very filling.

We have been lucky with the weather so far, as the really bad storms are just skirting us and we are just getting the edge of them.

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