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On the edge of the Blyde River Canyon

A tame Steenbok at Kruger National Park but I wont be feeding...

Elephants getting very close and sussing us out as part of the...

The best viewing of a Lion and outside the park fences by...

I know theres a danger from Croc's in St Lucia, but this...

Playing football at an orphanage, the kids were bare footed but still...

Isandlwana where 1500 British soilders died against 20000+ Zulus, but at Rorkes...

Traditional huts, the hills of Zululand were dotted with small villages

The local communities still have strong belief in the witch doctor

Zulu coming of age ceremony

The balancing rocks viewpoint whilst trekking the Drakensberg mountains

The Wild Coast in the Transkei

Cinsta, home to a legendery hostel in SA, Buccaneers, amazing setting surrounded...

Part of the Tsitsikamma trek

Dolphins just off the coastline along the garden route

Plettenberg Bay on the garden route, those waves were surfers paradise

Going up the cable car to the top of Table Mountain

One of the ex prisoners now a guide on Robben Island

A great view of Cape Town and Table Mountain from Robben Island

Matt and Rich and a few of the Cape Town crowd out...

Baboons at Cape Point, a real mence, we saw one ransack a...

Japanese tourists been Japanese - there was a bus load rushing about...

Matt, Rich and Mike at a very windy Cape Point, the edge...

South Africa was one of my favourite countries, although it didn't offer the challenges that have made other destinations so compelling, its comforts and easy of travelling were a welcome relief and I had some good times there. Its a stunning and varied country with so much to offer, there's loads I missed, I be back here soon.

Kruger & Blyde River Canyon

I was straight to Kruger National Park, via the stunning Blyde River Canyon. Kruger's huge, about the size of Israel so I only saw part of it during the 3 days there, and it was a good preview for whats to come in Africa. The highlight was watching a super herd of 200+ elephants many passing just metres from our van, even our guide had never seen such numbers before.

Zulu's - St Lucia, Eshowe & battlefields

The KwaZulu-Natal region is home to the Zulu tribes, I visited the battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, both famous in British history from the Anglo-Zulu wars. From the hostel in Eshowe along with some others I was travelling with (Matt & Rich) and an Aussie couple we befriended we helped out at an orphanage and also went to a traditional Zulu coming of age ceremony. It was good to see the traditions carried through (even if most of the lads were wearing Adidas sports gear).

Drakensberg & Wild coast - Durban, Underberg, Coffee Bay, Cinsta

We headed up to Drakensberg region for a few days trekking before hitting the wild coast and Transkei area. Annoyingly I have no pics of Coffee Bay but it was a top spot, stunning coastline, trekking and parties, an excellent few days, Cinsta was much the same. Tsitsikamma was dramatic trekking on the coastline from forest and cliffs to huge boulders and waterfalls all along the Oceans edge.

Garden route - Stormsriver, Plettenberg Bay & Kynsna

Rolling green hills and lagoons just off from the sea its all very pleasant.

Cape town & Cape Peninsula

What a backdrop, well when you can see it, unfortunately its winter at the moment so Table Mountain was lost behind clouds most of the time I was there, but a few times it did appear. Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to climb it, which I wanted to do, but at least I got up there when it was clear one day. The trip to Robben island had to be done, such recent history, with ex political prisoners conducting the tours and offering an insight and understanding about the times, very good. Of course there were some good nights out in Long Street and around, with a good crowd in my hostel. The Cape Peninsular was huge and very windy but the highlight was watching Baboons causing havoc with the tourist.

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