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Pulling out of Ely on Hwy 6...Pretty view

Pharanghat Lake is off to our right on 93...

Pretty sky out the front door...

We arrived at Bonnie & Larry's this past Sunday after a nice, uneventful drive. We lost an hour of daylight & got a later start than planned so it was dark when we arrived. So, we just pulled up to the fence along the front of the house for the night. We also lost a bit of time as we stopped at the truck wash for a much needed 5'er wash. They do a pretty good job for a reasonable price & we like parking it without all of the squished bugs, mud etc while we're here. The neighbors are never thrilled with our rig being out front as it is, you know, that 'trailer trash thing', lol!

We got up early & moved the rig into place & just about the time we were finished the wind decided to blow 35 mph! Wow, talk about rocking & rolling! It even knocked our satellite off skew for awhile. It's hard to complain though as the temperature is 23-30 degrees warmer than when we left Ely. And Mom tells me they've had a bit of snow & very cold night time temperatures since we left so our timing was good. And it's been great seeing Bonnie & Larry.

Larry has been studying like crazy on the Nevada Health Exchanges since he arrived home. On January 1st, all of his current insurance clients plans end & he is receiving calls from panicked clients daily. Unfortunately, not only are their plans dying, but their new 'affordable' rates are not affordable at all! And their deductibles & monthly rates are higher with less coverage. It's so sad, they have all depended on him to 'take care' of them for years & he really has. Now he hasn't got much to offer even though he's been a broker with many plans to choose from over the past 25 years. Guess we are both fortunate to be on medicare. Never thought I'd say that :)

We haven't seen any other family or friends since arriving but plan to do that soon. The guys are going to Sunnyside duck hunting & fishing in the morning so it will be a girl's only weekend. I'd like to take in a matinee & just veg out personally. And I do mean that literally, lol! I've lost 14 pounds now & feel great. Larry does too, even though he'd like a cookie, or a piece of candy or a beer now & then. He's lost 20+ pounds & feels good too. He's getting blood work this morning so he can see his primary care doctor on Tuesday to fill her in on his summer health issues. She'll be pretty shocked as she only knows he had fluid on his hip! Onyx is also doing great & her medications have really helped her with her heart issue. She acts like she did 4 years ago, full of pep & energy & quite the little eater & drinker these days :)

We're going back to Ely Thanksgiving week to pick up Mom. She is going to come here for Thanksgiving dinner & a few days visit before heading to sister Elaine's in California for a couple of months. I'm glad she's decided to do that this year as I think it's going to be a long, cold hard winter in Ely, as do most of the locals. She'll also get to visit several grandchildren while there over Christmas which she always enjoys. As much as we love RV'ing, we do miss family when we're on the road. Especially over the holidays :)

Well, thanks for stopping by & we'll talk to you again soon. Have a wonderful day :)

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