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The KL Tower. File picture!

The famous Petronas Towers....which we didn't go up!!! Again I got this...

As the title suggests we woke up pretty late as the past few late nights seem to be catching up with us!

We decided to go for a wander around KL and go to try and find the Twin Towers and see if we could go up them.

So we went for a wander then decided to get the sky train a few stops to the Petronas towers which rather luckilly are situated above a mass shopping centre, Ozz went on and on about how much he wanted to go shopping so in the end I gave in! ;o)

We had a look around and I found a Top Shop!!!!!! Which Ozz was extatic about! Then we grabbed a drink and went to see if we could go up the tower, but they were shut! The only day of the week they are shut we decide to go! so we will probably go back tomorrow.

So we got a cab from outside here over to the KL Observation Tower instead.

(The Tower is 421 m (1,381 ft), which currently makes it the fifth tallest tower in the world. The roof of the pod is at 335 m (1,099 ft). FACT!)

The views were pretty amazing saw the sunset over KL.

The audio commentary told us about all the important buildings etc.

Didn't do too much else today...

KL is ok but doesn't seem like there is that much here that we want to do.


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