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Ancient lava beds near Newberry Springs, 20 miles east of Barstow

Site C36 at East Shore RV Park, part of Frank Bonelli Park,...

The view from our lawn chair #1



Cactus on the hill


Our road runner

Beautiful sunset every night

Looking for new pictures at the track! This guy was BBQing salmon

Display of Traxxas remote control cars

You can test your tire changing speed here!

Nitro Rail Bikes


A picture of our coach from the other side of the lake



This is one of several picnic areas in Bonelli Park. It also...

The moon setting!

Newport Beach


Houses above Laguna Beach - the highway is very narrow here and...


Dana Point

Camp Pendleton

Vista Point Camp Pendleton

The MetLife blimp on its way from the San Diego Chargers game

Site 155, Mission Bay RV Resort - the coach looks pink because...

The sunset begins







San Diego University

City Hall

Beautiful carousel at Seaport Village



Coronado Bridge in the distance

The Christmas banners are up already


Bird of Paradise


Santa Fe Train Terminal

El Cortez

Catholic Church

Satellite dishes!!

Old Town

Live music

Water skier on our bay

Paddle boarder on the other side of the bay

Long-billed curlews


Sailboat on the bay

Mountain pass between San Diego and El Centro - very windy!

Flat desert again

Lots of dust outside of El Centro

Site 96, Yuma Palms - very empty!

Sunset in Yuma through the dust

Our very shiny coach

Ken jamming!

We got away about 8:30 am from Laughlin NV. We drove I-40 to the Lake Havasu turnoff for fuel, then back and on our way to Pomona. I-40 to Barstow, lunch at the Country Fare Restaurant at the TA Truck Stop, then on down I-15 to I-10. No fires this time so the trip was a breeze. It's cooler here than in Laughlin. We were in site C36 - right at the edge of the overlook of the lake. The weather is fantastic.

Wednesday we went to the taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He is very funny! But it was a lot of waiting. 35 mile drive - took just under an hour. We arrived at 2:30, got in the gate about 3:30, to the outside seating area for 40 minutes. The actually taping went from 5 to 6. We were out by 6:15 then it took 2 hours to get home. Our GPS said there was traffic ahead and we could see the red lines on the screen so we took highways off. It seemed to take just as long - too many red lights!

Thursday was Day 1 of the NHRA Drag Races. It was very hot. We went after lunch and stayed for a couple of hours. Friday we stayed longer - it was also quite warm but with more of a breeze. Our neighbours at the park are from Abilene Texas to see their nephew race. He drives a Top Alcohol Dragster. We had some problems with our electricity cutting in and out - high voltage according to our Surge Protector. Friday after we got back from the races it must have turned off and on about 10 times. Finally we unplugged it and relied on our batteries for the night. That worked okay but we were expecting the generator to come on at any time, which it never did. Saturday we plugged into the 30 amp instead of the 50 and it seems to work ok. Our neighbour asked us if we liked bacon. We said yes, he said he was cooking and we could have some. We went on with our own breakfast and they came to the door and said breakfast was ready - scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and jelly. Very nice of them! When we got to the track we saw their nephew race - he lost out in the first round. It was a long but good day of racing.

Sunday we were there bright and early. We got a few more autographs and noses full of nitro then went to our seats. In between rounds we went for lunch and sat with two very interesting guys. It was a father and son. The father is retiring next year from being a Watchman at the rail yard for years. His son is with AAA. Larry mentioned that he always wanted to ride in a locomotive. The guy took one of our cards and said he would get in touch if he could work something out! One of his other sons plays at a Mexican restaurant in Tucson on Wednesday nights. We'll look him up too!

Monday morning we wished our neighbours a safe trip and we both headed out - they were heading as far to the East as they felt like and we were headed to San Diego. It wasn't a very long drive so we tried to stretch it out. We cut over to Hwy 1 at Newport Beach. It's always a lovely trip down by the ocean. We rejoined I-5 at Dana Point for the trip through Camp Pendleton. We stopped briefly at the Vista Point for coffee. We arrived at Mission Bay RV Park about 12:30.

We love San Diego. We will be here for four nights - the limit under our Passport America (1/2 price camping) membership. Right away we met our neighbours - a couple from Lake Havasu City and another couple from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Tuesday we did a little grocery shopping and some touring around - Larry was investigating Dish Network. We came down by the University - amazing old buildings that almost look like castles. We decided to look for some baby shrimp for a salad for dinner. We found Pacific Shellfish, attached to The Fishery restaurant in La Jolla. It was cloudy and cooler most of the day and the sunset was fantastic. Lots of people were out taking photos. Everything was pink!

Wednesday we went down to Seaport Village to shop and have lunch. With Larry on his scooter there is no limit to the shops we can wander through. While eating lunch we met a man who was in town for a conference - he is a professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After that we went to Old Town which is another of our favourites. There seemed to be more shops open this time. Lots of interesting stuff! Maureen bought a little copper bell for her Christmas tree. The temperature was back up and it was a lovely day.

Thursday was more of the same. We took a drive around the beaches - Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. We found ourselves at Pacific Shellfish again and bought a 5 pound bag of frozen Bay shrimp for the freezer. When we got the bag home it turned out to be a "Product of Canada" - actually from Newfoundland. We went to our favourite sushi place PB Sushi for dinner. Amazing again!

Friday we drove to Yuma amid a High Wind Advisory. It's been a few years since we drove I-8 East. We had forgotten that there is quite a mountain pass along the way. With the high wind, the coach was tossed around a couple of times. There were some very strong gusts in the narrow parts between the peaks. We could see a lot of dust in the distance but it didn't effect the drive at all. We stopped in El Centro for lunch at Olive Garden with Lynn and Sharon from Swan Lake and had a nice visit. We also introduced them to BevMo - there was a brand new one right beside the restaurant. Lynn was in heaven - he loves to buy different individual beers. Since they stay in El Centro for the winter he will be back! On to Yuma with no more bother from the wind. We think we outran it although it was picking up again as we left El Centro. We arrived at Yuma Palms about 2:45 (Pacific Time) - the office closed at 3:30 (Mountain Time). The security guard checked us in. We couldn't believe how empty the place was. We are about a week earlier than in the past but it's like a ghost town! We found out the next day that the management has changed. The Burger Bash, while it still happens on Saturday, is now $5 for a burger, chips and one beer. It used to be unlimited beer. We were meeting Ken and Mavis for lunch but we decided to go in to Lutes Casino for Combo Burgers instead. We felt it was better value and certainly more fun.

Sunday we went to the market in the morning (while everyone was at church). It was very quiet too and the deals didn't seem to be as great. We bought a couple feet of window reflector to make our own custom-fit window shade for the Jeep. This will be a Tucson project! Glenn and Marlene (Larry's brother) found us there and invited us for dinner. They are staying out near the Foothills. Dinner was great and Maureen brought home the chicken carcass for soup.

Monday morning we had the coach washed and waxed by DADs (Dave's Auto Detailing). We use these guys every time we come here and they do a great job for $110. It takes them about 2 hours. We then went to the Credit Union to get our new Visa debit cards - they sent us to the main branch downtown. We were heading that way anyway. Then we went to Midas because we had been hearing a squeak coming from the driver's side rear wheel. They were unable to find anything but gave it a good cleaning and lube. After checking all the wheels, they had to change the brake pads and calipers on the front wheels - we had had brakes done here two years ago so the pads were covered. Another quality "date" by Larry!! When we got back we had neighbours - a couple from Holland who were renting a little Class C for three weeks. They were tired of the desert already and looking forward to getting back to the ocean.

Tuesday morning we had coffee with Andrew and Anne and wished them well on their trip. They own a 50' sailboat that is moored at Palma de Majorca off the south coast of Spain. We threatened to pay them a visit (I'm sure you're reading this Andrew). We will keep in touch with them. Then we headed to Algodones. Larry had a chipped tooth in the front so, based on a recommendation from Glenn, we stopped at Veronica Gomez dentistry. We got there about 9:30, the post was made for a crown and the temporary one was ready by 12:30. We went and both got our hair cut, picked up some medication at the Purple Pharmacy and wandered around a bit then sat for coffee at a little cafe just down the street. Great music. While we were there a young man offered to polish Larry's shoes. He basically cleaned them with some kind of cleaner and painted them with white shoe polish - two bucks! When we got back to the coach, we had a small problem with the toilet so we had to fix that, then we went to Ken and Mavis's park to listen to more music and stay for dinner. Another great time with them!

On Wednesday, we went back for the permanent crown. $20 extra for next day service (otherwise it would be Friday) - $220 total, cash. Looks great! After that we went back to the cafe and listened to some more music and had lunch. We picked up sushi at Fry's for dinner and plan now to leave tomorrow as there is rain in the forecast for Friday and we don't want to get our clean coach dirty! While in the hot tub we met Bob from Brentwood Bay who it turns out was across from us at the park in Laughlin. Small world!

A nice drive to Tucson - about 4 hours. We stopped briefly to make a sandwich then pushed on. We are at Lazy Days RV. We will be getting a few repairs in warranty to the coach. When we checked one of our two neighbours in Yuma was there!

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