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Such a beautiful face! Love the eyelashes :)

A bit of a traffic jam this afternoon...

We saw three separate herds today on the Wildlife Loop...

There were a couple of really big boys today!

Started down this dirt road for a mile or so, too bumpy...

Pretty scenery & clouds too!

Grazing all alone & not one bit interested in our carrots :)

Bonnie is a natural with animals. They love her!

A rainbow of burros...

Hey, knock it off! You have to wait until I give it...

Soft lips honey???

Cute little one!

Do you want a piece of me??? You have cashews? Okay, be...

Check out those whiskers & those feet! Long toes :)

Sis is in hog heaven! Well prairie dog heaven anyway!

Me & my honey :)

Looking up the river...

Sister & brother! Ain't family grand :)

I love her too!

Is that a duck???

From the bridge this looked like a duck smile emoticon Can you...

Still looks like a 'wooden duck' to me! What do you think...

Sounds so pretty. Great place for a picnic, perhaps another day :)

Nice start to our week :)

Today Larry, Bonnie & I toured the Wildlife Loop here in Custer State Park. We were fortunate enough to see pronghorn, bison, beggin' burros, prairie dogs, deer & a 'wooden duck' on our tour. LOL The 'wooden duck' was actually a piece of wood in the river but it sure looked like a duck from the bridge!

We planned ahead of time for the 'beggin' burros' and took along two bags of carrots. Of course that always draws them right to you & they like eating right out of your hand. Their lips are quite soft & if you are really careful you don't get bitten. Larry wasn't so lucky! One of the little one's decided to take a small bite out of the back of his arm when he turned away from him. I got lucky & caught it on video so if you are a Facebook friend you can check it out there. I am sorry I laughed honey but it was quite funny to watch!

Tomorrow Larry & Bonnie are taking a helicopter ride over Crazy Horse & then later in the evening the Ramblin' Rangers are having a special gig at the Naked Winery in honor of our guest! So please stop back by soon & I'll try to keep this blog up to date. Whew, it's tough when I get behind!

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