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Waiting for surgery to begin. Note the leather recliner & the IV...

Several hours later, at home, resting comfortably & looking good!

Larry finally had his surgery at Black Hills Surgical Hospital last Monday. We've waited so long to have it done & it was a big relief to finally get that 'bad' lymph node removed. The surgical hospital was fantastic, all the way from admitting to the pre-op nursing staff to the actual surgeon. All went well & he came out of the anesthesia just fine.

It's been a tough week but Larry has really handled it like a champ. The groin area actually hurts less than the hemorrhoids they removed, but as you know, they were suspicious about a growth on one of them & wanted to biopsy it as well as the lymph node. We got a call yesterday that the growth was not cancer, but the lymph node is in fact an egg sized encapsulated cancer. His follow-up is next Wednesday, September 16th & then after that appointment the oncologist & the surgeon are going to confer & on September 24th let us know what they are going to do next. They are still of the opinion that the lymph node cannot be the 'host' site so they need to continue looking for it. So we might be making a trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Not sure yet, will keep you guys posted.

In either case, we will be here in the Black Hills considerably longer than normal. If it gets too cold we may move out of the rig & into one of the small cabins here in the campground. Maybe our first ever Custer winter??? Brrrrrrrr......LOL

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