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The Mason's Arms English Pub

Elaine's roast beef dinner. The Roast Beef is hiding under the gravy

Cory's Masons Arms Special Grill

Pretty Pink flowers in the yard

Pretty white flowerts in the yard

view of the beach from the rocks

view of the beach

view from the beach

Is this not a cool sunset or what????

how serene and peaceful

Poco chillin' in his chair watching the sunset

We have been settling into life at Jungle Hut. As a matter of fact I watched as Cory and Elaine totally emptied out their backpacks and put everything away. When it comes time to pack up they will examine everything and determine if it is necessary to keep or good to ship home. I know that they will be sending a parcel home from Thailand, which will include a few things picked up in Greece.

A couple of days ago Cory felt part of his tooth in his mouth. We ventured off on the scooters in search of a dentist and made an appointment for the next day.

We are certainly enjoying the Thai food, as many people said we would. Cory has learned how to say “no cilantro please” in Thai, as that is a common spice here and one he does not like, not even a little bit.

Saturday, we decided to take the scooters to Haad Rin, home of the Full Moon Parties. Tomorrow night is the full moon party, and we are all planning on going. We will probably need to take a nap because I don’t think it starts until after we are normally in bed. Haad Rin is a much busier place than where we are at Jungle Hut, and many of the stores were getting ready for FMP as it is called. They were setting up their displays of glow in the dark, just about everything. I saw t-shirts, beads, glow sticks, and paint. Hey maybe I can get some glow in the dark paint. Yeah, I could get a painted tattoo, just like Elaine’s! We didn’t have much time to check everything out, as we needed to get to the dentist for Cory’s appointment. We wanted to allow plenty of time because there are some fairly scary hills heading into Haad Rin but both of them handled themselves like pros.

We made in back to Thongsala in time for the dentist appointment. It was good news. The dentist said that Cory must have bit the loose crown back in place and sealed it. He had checked it out thoroughly and there were no gaps or anything. He did tell him to keep an eye on it, and come back and see him if there were any further troubles. This including an xray cost a whopping $6.25 Canadian. Unbelievable.

We went to the Tesco Lotus supermarket to purchase a few snacks and drinks for the room. There is a rule here that alcohol cannot be purchased between 11:00 am and 5:00 p.m. in the store. It was now after 5:00 p.m. so we were OK. We loaded up the scooters and decided to stop in at the Mason’s Arms English Pub for dinner. We had stopped there on a previous trip for a drink and the menu looked quite appealing. Tonight was going to be a splurge celebratory night because of the good news about Cory’s teeth and that he could actually chew his dinner.

I suppose an English Pub gives Cory and Elaine a sense of home, plus they have been reading Chris and Anne’s blog about their trip to England and visits to pubs.

Elaine had the roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding, gravy and vegetables while Cory enjoyed the Mason’s arms special grill, with steak, lamb, pork chop, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a fried egg. It was the largest meal they have eaten in a while.

They both thoroughly enjoyed it. This did mean they would be riding their scooter’s home in the dark, but it was no trouble.

Back in the room, we watched a show on the computer, and then it was lights out.

We woke up to an absolutely beautiful day, the sky is blue and it is very hot. It is rather nice having a short walk to the beach. If we were one bungalow over, we would have a wrap around deck right on the beach. We will have to look into how long the people in our choice of the two bungalows are staying.

Since leaving Greece, we haven’t had any beach days, and it seems Cory and Elaine are out of practice, and were just able to handle it for a little bit. Despite having a good base coat, they quickly retired to the shade.

We have been following the news about weather conditions and natural disasters in neighbouring countries, and are quite thankful that everything is OK in our little corner of the world.

I must say that I really am enjoying Thailand. It has a different feel, and I hope that we spend a fair amount of time here. I know that we are only allowed 30 days and then must leave the country and re-enter because of visa requirements. All the travel agents offer what they call a visa run excursion. A short trip, that brings you to the nearest border and back again. Oh well, too early too worry about that right now.

Well, I am off to the beach, hopefully the sun and fresh air will help me enjoy a nap, because I can’t wait to experience the full moon party.

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