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Yes we have awoken in NZ to a beautiful Christmas Day. Now having the time change from us being a day behind to being four hours ahead, we new we had some time to kill before calling home.

We planned to make it to Cape Reinga so we could mark off the top of the North Island. Well it just wouldn't be us if we didn't take a wrong turn. I kept going on a road I thought was still 1 but no, you have to turn off that to prevent going in the wrong direction. Brilliant.

Well in the end after taking that wrong turn we got to see a 'world famous' toilet, Hundertwasser toilets. Apparently it made headlines and is now considered to be one of the 101 Must Do's. Well we can say that we did. They don't however mention the couple of blowies flying about the place.

It's so nice to be back to clean air and greenery. The US severely lack these things that I used to take too much for granted. Over there the air is so ruined with smog that you see it everywhere. No mountain can be seen clearly let alone that beautiful blue that I missed so much.

We went through some really great woods and Mum just sat back and took it all in. No we are not back in Aussie yet but it's damn close. This is the most restful I have seen Mum in a while.

Our wrong turn ended up taking us across to the west coast to Opononi and down to Dargaville before we headed back to Whangerei. Once back to the room we called home at the farm. I only had the chance to wish Nanna a quick hello before Mum took the phone and got to speak to quiet a few loved ones.

We didn't get to speak to everyone and that was a pity as we only had a phone card. Being the holidays the stores are shut so I couldn't get a sim card for my phone. We didn't get to speak to Pop or even Peta so that sucked. With Peta we couldn't even send an email so hope that she understands and forgives us.

Our Christmas dinner consisted of none of the usual fare. No we had meat pies, strawberries and chocolate. Not ham and pavlova but bloody good to our tastebuds. As Mum said to Nanna, 'if she had consumed a top meal at a top resturant, it wouldn't have tasted as good as that pie'.

After being in the Northern Hemisphere for so long we have gotten used to the sun going down really early, around 4 to 5pm. Here it didn't go down till around 9pm. Mum found it kind of weird. It'll take us a while to get used to the sudden extra sunshine hours. NZ also has daylight savings.

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