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Wednesday, September 30. 2009

Wow, on this very day, Wednesday, September 30 in 1964 Elaine was born. I wonder if there is some special significance when your birthday falls on the day of the week that you were born.

Cory and Elaine each rented scooters, and began a little tour of the island in search of a place with wifi, and preferably in their room. There are many places with accommodation on the island, and from what I have heard on October 4, many of them will fill up as that is the night of the full moon, which means the Full Moon party will be on. This regular event draws travellers on a pilgrimage every month. No doubt the three of us will go check it out to at least say that we have been.

On our little scooter tour we stopped at a place called Bake Sense Café for Muesli, fruit, yogurt, juice and tea. It was quite tasty and full marks for presentation. Of course once it arrived, Cory and Elaine accepted the offer of the larger bowl, and promptly dumped in the fruit, yogurt and muesli, and stirred it all together.

In our hotel search, I don’t think we found a nicer room than we were in, but finally we found a place to roost at Jungle Hut Bungalows. For 500 Baht or $15.65 Canadian we have our own bungalow on the beach with a full bathroom. Scooter rentals are cheaper as is the Thai massage. The restaurant attached also has better prices for food and drink. But most importantly, they have free wifi, and it is in our bungalow. Tomorrow we will be moving.

Once this task was done it was time to get down to the business of celebrating Elaine’s birthday.

They returned to their room for a light snack and a quick nap. Then it was time to go for a massage and dinner, but first stop was the Internet café. The inbox was full of messages wishing Elaine a Happy Birthday, and I knew that Elaine was impressed. Due to the time difference, with us being 14 hours ahead it was neat that people were sending wishes so Elaine would receive them on her birthday in Thailand. In Canada her birthday hadn’t even started yet.

But the funniest thing by far was the video from the Hope Post Office staff wishing Elaine a happy birthday. It made her laugh and cry. She doesn’t miss work, but does miss her co-workers, and really appreciated the thought and effort they went to.

Dinner was a typical thai dish that was quite nice, and the massage is worthy of it’s own entry. So that will be coming soon.

But by far the most exciting thing to happen today was Elaine’s new tattoo. Yes, she decided a tattoo would be an excellent way to remember her birthday and her trip. As a tattoo is nothing without meaning, she chose a dragonfly for her upper back. For years she has loved the dragonfly, perhaps because she was born in the year of the dragon, or perhaps because she loves the way the scientific name rolls around in the mouth. Odonata the scientific name for dragonfly. Dragonfly also considered lucky. I am sure this dragonfly will bring her luck; she may need it because I don’t think her mum is going to be too impressed.

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