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the bay just before sunrise while we waited for the boat to...

We enjoyed our last hours in Bangkok and waited for our pick up for the bus. Mr. Thai had told us we would get picked up at the end of the street. As it was not very far we put our over bags over the backpacks for the short walk, and put a few extra things in the bags, so that the front packs would be a little bit more manageable. The over bags help keep the backpacks cleaner and help with bag security as well as prevent damaging the packs. We only use them when we are checking our bags in, on a bus, train, or plane. We know the backpacks will last the trip but not so sure about the overbags as one could already use a little bit of patching. Nothing major though.

We were wrong in the belief that we were being picked up at the end of the street. It was at the end of the street we met up with about 10 other backpackers all loaded with their packs. When Cory and Elaine have the over bags on the packs, Cory carries the two for balance, and Elaine carries the day packs. Well our short walk turned out to be quite a bit longer than we expected, and Cory would stop, take a break and put the bags down. Each pack weighs close to 20 kg or 44 lbs. The short, little Thai guide decided to help out and tossed one of the packs on his shoulder. Cory and Elaine felt a little bit of embarrassment that this young man was carrying one of their packs especially since we saw the faces of some of the other travellers who were wondering why they weren’t having theirs carried. Did I mention that the Thai guide was also pulling a little suitcase with wheels behind him as well? After reaching the bus office, we were given seating numbers for the bus, and told to wait. Cory had purchased a new t-shirt because due to the humidity he had soaked his shirt earlier and thought his fellow travellers might appreciate a clean shirt. However with the walk, his new dry t-shirt resembled his other shirt although not quite as much. There was one more walk to catch the bus, and once again we headed off. When Cory stopped to take a break, another traveller picked up one of the bags to help. Here was this fellow young enough to be our child with his backpack, front pack and carrying our bag and didn’t even break a sweat of breathe hard.

I have heard Cory and Elaine tell many of the younger people they have met, that they are doing the right thing by travelling young. It certainly makes a difference not only for physical stamina but that carefree attitude does count for something. I know Cory and Elaine don’t feel old, but reluctantly accept some of the limitations that age and their fitness level have presented them with.

We got to our bus to discover that the stickers we received when we checked in were actually our seat numbers. Cory and Elaine found themselves in seats 3 and 4 at the front of the bus. This bus resembled a double decker and we were at the front with an excellent view of where we were going. Sometimes that is not always a good thing. The bus was nowhere near full, so Cory moved to the back of the bus to spread out on the five seats, leaving Elaine to the two seats up front. This was quite funny, Cory promptly fell asleep, and Elaine struggled. Eventually she did close her eyes, right before the bus stopped for a break. So, we have discovered the secret, Elaine can sleep when she knows Cory is beside her, and Cory can sleep when Elaine is not beside him. Very, very interesting!

At 5:00 when everybody was enjoying a sleep the lights came on and a woman’s voice came on to announce it was time to get off the bus as we had arrived at the pier. We were 30 minutes early, and I think everybody would have enjoyed that extra time for sleep.

At the pier, we saw there was another walk to the boat, so Cory and Elaine took their packs out of the overcases so they could carry them properly.

Once settled in their seats side by side, Cory was chuckling at Elaine as she was nodding off, and doing the head jerk thing, until she settled into a nice little sleep.

We met a young couple from Denmark who have travelled quite extensively and have been to Koh Phangan a number of times. They offered us some excellent tips on places to stay and things to do.

When we arrived at the Koh Phangan pier we were approached as we had expected by a number of people offering us rooms. We found someone offering us rooms in the area we wanted to go and jumped in the cab.

For 600 Baht or $20.00 Canadian we have a lovely room on Haad Yao beach. This beach is on the sunset side of the island and we are looking forward to checking it out. The room has TV, mini bar fridge, separate bathroom, king size bed, closet, desk, and seating area. However, there is no wifi. This does pose a problem for me, for keeping up the journal and getting photos uploaded.

Cory and Elaine checked out the other hotels on the beach, some of which they looked at online. They found out that for quality of room, they had the best deal. Tomorrow they will weigh the pros and cons of moving. I will let you know what the decision is.

Cory and Elaine had a little nap, and then went for a walk along the beach.

They had dinner at one of the restaurants on the beach, and headed back to their room for the night.

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