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Phi Phi beach

Not one of Thailands best but it still beats Saaaaaaaaaafend!

Or does it!?!?

Those glasses were super-imposed onto this photo evidently.....

The jetty and ferry........and some more boat, and the sea, and some...

Yeah getting up this morning was A LOT of fun!!

We did manage about 1 hours kip but were literally asleep on our feet when we got picked up for the Ferry.

It took around 1 hour 40 and the boat was freeeeeeezing so no sleep on the boat either!

We had had a vauge discussion in Kyle and Kates room at 5 am this morning that as we were arriving first in Phi Phi we would find a hotel for us all then meet them somewhere on Phi Phi when they arived so we got their number and said we would call.

Phi Phi has no transport as such as the roads are tiny and cobbled and people get around on push bikes.

As you arrive on the Island there are loads of little stalls with people trying to get you to book hotels/trip etc and as we had had zero sleep we decided to give in and have a look.

We found a few on the board and the lady took us to go look at one but after that we decided to investigate on our own*

*By which we mean I sat in a bar and ordered cheese on toast while Ozz walked around looking for a hotel! :)

In the end we decided to go for the one that we looked at in the first place as all the hotels were roughly the same price.

We booked 2 rooms next to each other, they were like chalets, with a shared verander which was nice so all we had to do was meet Kyle and Kate at the pier at 4pm when there ferry arrived.....shouldn't be too difficult should it! Even WE can manage that.....

So we decided to have a little snooze and set the alarm to go meet them at 4....after a couple of times hitting the snooze button we finally managed to get up at 3.50 so we dashed down to the pier to one there, which made us think either the ferry hadn't arrived or it had already been and gone!! We tried to call but it wasn't connecting so we walked about to see if they were wandering around but no sign!

So I went back to the room and Ozz decided to give it another go.....and he found them!

Not the best story in the world ut it IS true!!!

Anyway after they had put their stuff in the room we all went for some dinner then for a wander to the beach and then headed back to ranch around 6 ish.

The boys then decided to go and watch football (actually it was Auzzie Rule/Gaelic Football which is an annual game between the Auzzie and the Irish, Em!!)and me and Kate decided to have a little snooze and wait for them to come back and get us then all go and do something a bit later.

4 hours later Kate knocks wondering where they could be! It was phi phi-ing it down with rain and it had been for the past 5 hours or so. So we eventually went out to find them and found them propped up at a bar watching wrestling! (UFC Knockouts actually!!) It is still watching men cuddle in tighty whiteys you big gay.

We had a few drinks there and tried to order food but it was too late so we decided to grab something from a food stall......God only knows why we decided to get a "hot dog" which by the taste of it, may have actually been what it was! Walked home in the pouring rain and sat on the patio and chatted for a few more hours and then made it to bed around 2 I think!

Another good day but need sleep!!


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