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Peacock strutting his stuff

Bottle Brush tree bloom

What a beautiful coat

Molting Camel

Red River Hog

Condor artwork in the new elephant odyssey

This was one way to see the zoo

Capybara - largest rodent

Baby Leopard with a tasty toy

Mr. Reindeer

Mallard ducklings

One big guy

Submerged Hippo

Fern Canyon Trail

Malayan Tiger

Exotic Hybiscus

The first of two escalators up to the aviaries and entrance level...


I'm sooo happy!


Ross's Geese found from N. Canada to N. California

Cranesbill Geranium from S. Africa

Mexican Evening Primrose


Coming up for air

Long neck turtle

Orchid plant against a nursing tree

Staghorn fern attached to a tree

A different kind of hydrangea

Blossom of a tropical plant

Bears Breech ~ Interesting blossoms

Hawk eating his catch (bunny)

Golden Hawk

Protecting his catch and meal

Notice the crow trying to get in on the meal.

Taking flight with the remains

More pictures of zoo animals as well as pictures Nancy took of a hawk on a walk around the campground.

Many of the pictures on this post were taken by Nancy with my new Canon SD1200 point and shoot camera. I bought it so that I'd always have a camera with me, and also so that both of us could have a camera. This provides for different perspectives, as well as allowing us to take candid pictures of each other.

That little Canon really takes great pictures in spite of it's very small size. I'm very pleased with it, and should have bought it a long time ago as suggested by Jeff. It cost $200 and is worth every penny of that!

More information to come later today about the pictures. We're at a public library right now which has very fast free WiFi, and as soon as we leave here we'll be heading for Mexico. We'll be taking pictures along the way and hopefully will do another post later today or tomorrow covering our Mexico visit.

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