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Originally intending to fly to Lihue (Kauai) today, we got put out by the fact that none of the three airlines had flights available to get us there. Go could get us there but we would have to sit around the airport for about 8 hours. Not going to happen.

So after dragging our luggage around for too long we gave up on getting to Kauai and decided to just head back to Honolulu. Well the bored and high on her own power Agricultural Inspection broad decided to make a fuss over my bag after I said that 'of course we have locks on our bags'. Well in my defense she was holding the lock and asked if it had a lock on it! I mean to say, am I supposed to show respect to someone so low in IQ?

So as I went to pass her the key to open the lock, she said how I was not to touch my bag. I wasn't near it and gave her the look she deserved as I said that I was giving her the key to open the lock. She hadn't even asked for it so presumably I had just foiled her hope of busting my lock. Once a key is offered I guess they have to use it.

Well after she took nothing out and said that there was nothing wrong with it (THEN WHY WAS IT SINGLED OUT???) and after Mum asked so we could prevent it next time, she let us go and rush for our flight.

We it just wouldn't be the American Customs process if at least one of us wasn't pulled over for a check. Me this time and I wasn't surprised. I reckon it was the narky bitch from Ag check who called through to try to piss me off. No luck for her. I'm a pro at this shit now and assumed the position and was out of there in a shot.

We had to high tail it as we had only 40 odd minutes from the purchase of our tickets to our flying out. After Ag check and customs we were cutting it close. We just made it and settled into our seats. We were in a three seater but the window seat remained unfilled. We liked that.

Our taxi to the hotel took us on a bit longer of a ride but took the same roads so not sure what happened there. We don't recall the taxi costing as much on the first ride in but we made it to the hotel and it's cheaper than the first one here so oh well.

The hotel has been recently renovated and the feature that got my attention is the fact that it has internet. Yes we can finally catch up again. It's funny how much happens on the days when you don't have internet. I mean we had to book this hotel from the airport before we even got our luggage from baggage claim, missed out on the flights to the last island we hoped to see because we couldn't access the info on the net (yes we could have called I guess but come on, I like what the internet can do for me) and want to find out about getting good seats on the NZ flight.

Speaking of NZ, we can not wait. It hopefully means the end of being treated like a terrorist, the end of having to take my smelly boots of for the customs and inflicting the stench on innocent bystanders ( I always apologise), and back to that good feeling of being near home. Really there is no place like home and I would never give up living in Australia to live in America. You couldn't pay me to. It just doesn't compare in the ways that count...to me at least. Each to their own.

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