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Welcome to Casper...

Aunt De, Uncle Ed and cousin Shari...


Love you Uncle Sonny!

Ok, Uncle Ed...That's what he goes by these days :)

Unc talking to Mom as we leave restaurant. Forgot to take a...

Looking down the river after dinner. Great day!

Most years when traveling from Ely, NV to Custer, SD we stop in Casper, WY to spend at least one day visiting with my aunt, uncle & cousins. It's fun to catch up with them and we always enjoy having dinner at the Guadalarja Mexican Restaurant, their favorite & one of ours as well. This time, my Uncle Ed (Sonny), Aunt De and cousin Shari joined us.

When I was growing up our family spent plenty of time with theirs & we cousins always had a great time. When we lived in Corona, California they owned a house one block over from ours. In fact, it was the identical home we had except the floorplan was flipped. There were many orange trees down at the end of our street & I remember coming home from school on day & there was a BIG tarantula in the middle of the street. My cousin Steve ran home to get Uncle Sonny to 'come get it'. Of course that was after we all prodded & poked it with a stick unmercifully! Until we had it thoroughly aggravated. I always wondered if it could have jumped up & landed on one of our heads, or worse yet, faces????

My parents enjoyed their company very much & enjoyed many hours playing cards together. I believe they also bowled & square danced together as well. Will have to check with Mom on that one!

Uncle Ed just turned 80 years of age & boy does he look good. Must be living right! Anyway, it was great spending some time together and I hope next trip to spend a few days. We enjoyed taking my uncle sight-seeing a few years back & would like to do that again. You know how it is when you live in an area, many times you don't visit what's in your own backyard. And as I mentioned before, we would love to float the Platte River on our Sea Eagle Paddleski once again. Last year it was way to high & fast & this year they haven't released the water yet so it was pretty low.

It was great spending time together catching up on their lives a bit & all too soon time to head back home. One of the perks of being mobile is the ability to visit family & friends living in other parts of the country. We sure see them more than when we lived in our Las Vegas 'sticks & bricks' home! Can't believe we're starting our 10th year on the road. Oh my, how time flies when you are having fun!!!!

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