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Hi there! Are you still around, checking occasionally to see if I've actually posting anything??? So sorry not to have been in touch. It has been an exhausting couple of months to say the least. So, I'll spare you all of the details except maybe a highlight or two.

I believe my last few posts covered our month long stay in Deming, New Mexico after which we headed back to Arizona for a bit. During the last half of our stay in NM Larry's back & legs began giving him trouble. At first we believed it to be a sciatic issue, similar to the one he experienced in 2007 which was serious enough for me to push him in a wheelchair the last few weeks spent on the East coast. That happened to be on his left side & even though his new pain was located on the right side, he felt like it might also be a sciatic issue. He visited a couple of different chiropractors, getting no relief. The pain continued to increase affecting his sleep enough that he slept sitting up in his recliner for about 7 weeks.

We arrived home, where our primary healthcare is provided & began the long, drawn out experimenting process. X-rays & an MRI confirm it to be a hip issue, rolling into the groin area & down the side of his leg. After weeks of intensive therapy & decompression coupled with adjustments & pain meds he is still getting no relief. So at this point we are not sure where to go next.We're still working on it and have therefor not left Las Vegas as yet. Normally we try to spend the month of March with Mom in Ely before heading to the Black Hills for the summer. Larry had an appointment with the VA this morning but no luck there so I believe we are going to head out next Monday. Perhaps a facility on down the road will have a better idea of where to go next. Anyway, prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Last Monday we lost our beloved niece Megan Zacharias, daughter of Bill & Cindy. Megan had been fighting respiratory issues since January & had been in ICU in several hospitals, had numerous surgeries etc. The family stayed by her side many hours a day. Her service was held this past Saturday & was truly beautiful. She will be greatly missed.

Monday received a message from our friends Brad & Bonnie that Brad's Mom Bonnie Jo had passed peacefully after spending the past 4 weeks in hospice. We are so sorry for their loss & wish we could be in Arkansas to comfort them. And finally, my cousin Clay lost his beloved wife Linda on Monday as well. We're still waiting to learn of any arrangements that might be done here locally as they reside in Las Vegas.

Yesterday was my sister Joyce's birthday & this week all 3 of our beautiful granddaughters celebrate theirs as well. I can't believe how quickly they are all growing into young ladies! Which makes me feel a bit 'old'...LOL I applied for medicare last Friday, can you believe it!!!

So, that's it for now. I won't burden you with all of my depressing news next time. I have some cool pics taken at the gold mine in Jerome I've yet to post so please check back again soon. Love & appreciate you all & thanks for being patient. Have a wonderful day :)

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