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Yesterday and today were pretty much planning days. It was time to decide how to get to Koh Phangan (Ko Pan yan) and where to stay, plus do a little bit of shopping. Jimmy from Jimmy’s place in Selcuk, Turkey had recommended we go to Mr. Thai for our travel needs and we did. We chose to travel on the overnight bus from Bangkok to Chumphorn and then catch the high-speed catamaran to Koh Phangan. It was about half price compared to the overnight train. We checked out of our hotel at noon, put our bags in storage and went with Emma to the Vietnamese Embassy. She needed to get a visa for her trip there and we wanted to see what was involved. Eric had left earlier in the day for Chumphorn where he was going to stay for a couple of days before heading to Koh Tao (Ko Tow not Kow Tao as Cory keeps saying) . Koh Tao is another island near where we are. The other island is Koh Samui.

We did a little bit of Internet and then headed for the bus.

Bangkok is a busy bustling city, without the big city feeling. We felt quite comfortable walking around the streets. Many tourists come to Khaosan Rd.

One night when we were walking back to our hotel a man approached us on the street and asked if we were interested in a ping-pong show. I had no idea that the Thai people were so into ping-pong, and thought it was really quite cool that they have shows. It didn’t make much sense to me why we were only offered the shows in the evenings. It wasn’t until Cory took me aside and had a man to mascot talk with me to try to explain that this was not a ping pong show any of us would be going to.

Oh well, maybe I will get to see a Muay Thai boxing match. Many of the UFC fighters began their careers with a Muay Thai background. At least I hope if Cory and Elaine take me to a Muay Thai show, that I will actually see Muay Thai, and not something that a woman does with a ping pong ball. Man I still don’t know that I exactly understand what Cory told me.

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