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Motorhome in Gloria's drive way


Braxton, Jay, and Jay

Sitting in the driveway, or our RV lawn.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

I have my money I brought for Lego's and I don't want...

That's a lot of Lego's.

Check out those Lego's!

Bumper Cars


The Screamer. I think he was too scared to scream.

His favorite.


Boys at the airport.

Lots of questions to answer.

They are off!

Managing this blog has been a challenge with all the running around, visiting family and keeping up with the kids.

While in Rochester the boys fished just about everyday. Braxton found a good fishing buddy with Jay Lebeck. Jay is Larry's Nephew's son. Alison's husband Howie took both boys fishing on Monday. I have trouble explaining all the relationships. Larry's family is large and very close. They ALL were great at helping to keep the boys busy. They went to their first Stock Car race Saturday night. Very exciting for them.

Tuesday morning we said our goodbye's and headed to Minneapolis. We are camped at The Lebanon Hills campground in Apple Valley. (MN suburb) The boys catch a plane back to Phoenix on today (Wednesday). We wanted to take them to the Mall of America for a day. We had lunch at the mall, Jay rode some of the amusement rides while Braxton did is normal teenage stroll through the Mall. He didn't realize how big it actually was.

Tuesday evening was spent packing three weeks with the boys in a couple suitcases. Thank goodness SWA doesn't charge for baggage! Now our motorhome feels twice as big.

They wouldn't admit it but they were home sick. They couldn't wait for to get to the airport today. It is Jay's first flight so he was nervous too.

Tomorrow we head north and start "Phase II" of our trip.

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