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Joe Russo narrates the storm video from his motorhome.

The next morning, the weather was back to Florida normal.

A violent Florida storm, and I was right in the middle of it.

Joe and Kait Russo are full-time RVers, maybe in their mid to late 30's, who are taking a shot at making a living on the road. The Russo's website is , and they post informative travel videos on YouTube here.

Hazel was in Naples babysitting grandchildren for a few days, and I was parked four or five motorhomes down from the Russos in the Immokalee Casino parking lot when this storm hit last Monday. I was awakened in the middle of the night by the storm and my weather radio beeping, advising me to head for the basement.

What basement? Lily, the faithful to somebody Pomeranian was lying on my chest, protecting me, or maybe her. Lightning flashes coincided with the BOOM simultaneously, the wind was rocking the motorhome and the rain on the roof was like a fire hose.

I turned on the television in the bedroom, watched the weather, and decided I'd weather the weather, rolled over and went back to sleep. Already outliving Errol Flynn, John Wayne, and Spencer Tracy, the fear of dying young is no longer a factor, although, as I tell my wife when we talk about the end of life, if I had my choice, I'd like to be shot by Kim Basinger's husband.

I have to admit, I didn't realize how bad it was outside until I saw this video. I'll take it a little more seriously next time.

Check out the Russo storm video here


UPDATE: February 24, 2016 - It could have been much worse.

Large, deadly tornado demolishes RV park in Convent, Louisiana

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