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buffet of bugs

3 inch cricket - taste like prawn


there is no shortage here - feel free to come to Thailand...

just one quick swallow and it will be gone

Elaine looking slightly insane as she gobbles down some extra protein

the fish are getting a feast from Cory`s feet

thousands of hungry little fish

just in case you didn`t believe us

warming up the jelly fish

plenty for everybody. Next time you pass one of these stalls be...

tastes like fish to me

When we were in Antigua, Guatemala taking our Spanish Lessons we stayed at Jose and Karla Sanchez’s house, and were frequently entertained and delighted by their youngest daughter, Tiffany. She was actually quite the little tomboy and took great pleasure in animals. She however called them animales. Just imagine saying the word monkeys and put that ending on animal. Since then it seems Cory and Elaine use the term animales now, as they seem to prefer it.

Today unknown to me was going to be animale day. On our way down the street to the entrance of Wat Pho a man with a very large python snake wrapped around his neck approached Cory and said “snake”. To this Cory promptly replies, “No thanks, I’ve had my breakfast.” The snake man found this very humorous, as did the rest of us. A side note to Cory’s statement: Yesterday James taught us five rules for a Buddhist to live by, and one is do not kill. He went on to explain that although Buddhist’s are not necessarily vegetarians, they should not kill, nor ask anyone else to kill. It is OK to eat everything except snakes and humans.

You can check out the other entry on our day at the Grand Palace, but for now, onto more animales. We had heard and even seen on the Amazing Race the edible bugs available in Thailand. I am not sure if this is part of Elaine’s karma from yesterday, but we happened to run into the bug man of Khaosan Rd. Cory purchased a bag of one of every kind for 10 Baht or 33 cents. Now I know that Elaine’s mum is worried they don’t have enough money, and she need not worry. Just to be perfectly clear they ate bugs for the novelty of it, not because they are desperate for food. I will let you be the judge of what you think of the experience by checking out the photos. Sometimes I am really and truly worried for my own personal safety.

After watching this experience I knew for sure I was going to have nightmares. Oh I was too premature in my thinking as animale day was not over yet.

On our first day in Bangkok, we had seen signs and ads for fish massage. We had heard that massage is available everywhere in Thailand for very cheap, however we hadn’t heard about fish massage.

I don’t know whether eating the bugs prompted Cory, Elaine, and Emma to give it a go, but next thing I know, (at least Eric seems to have some sense, he chose not to do this), the three of them have their feet stuck in a pool of water with thousands of little Garra Rufa fish eating their dead skin from their feet and toes. If you have been near Cory and Elaine’s sandals you would understand how sorry I felt for these poor fish. Here again, you will have to check out the photos, because I really don’t know that I can do it justice. I was worried for a while that I was going to go swimming with the fishes, but fortunately I was spared.

It was late and plans were made to meet tomorrow. On the way back to their hotel Cory and Elaine saw another interesting vendor stand on Khaosan Rd. A little old Thai man was selling Jelly Fish to eat. Well at this point nothing was going to surprise me, and sure enough Cory ordered a small jellyfish to go.

The vendor heated up this little jellyfish in a fish rack over hit little barbecue and then ran it through what looked to be a pasta maker. Back and forth he rolled it over and over until this little jelly fish was stretched like a piece of fruit roll up. Cory and Elaine broke fish and ate.

Oh, I am sure that I will have nightmares tonight.

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