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Right, not really sure where to start with Simon!

Basically today we had a wonder around town and went down to the beach, the weather wasn't great so we decided to head back to ranch and get ready for an evening with Simon.

In case you are wondering...Simon is a Caberet show and Simon is described on the brochure as an amazing show and he/she is described as "more of a man than you will ever be....and certianly more of a woman"

So we decide to go and check it out.

We get there and it is a massive building with lots of neon...Simon seems to be some kind of star! we headed to the bar for a cocktail then head in for the show.

It was just like a theatre (we had expected more of an intamate affair, tables and bar servie etc) but anyway! We take our seats and wait for the curtains to go up.

What then followed was lots of fluffy outfits and half arsed dacing which seemed to be no more than you would get at a local dance school show. The men looked like fat Tuk Tuk drivers and the other men were women (who really did look like women untill you look at the size of there feet!) Then down comes simon on some kind of feathered contraption from the ceiling, the dancers are marching around singing "Siiiiiimon" and there he/she/shim is.....then he starts to sing, when we say sing we mean mime.....reeeeallllly badly! this carries on for around an hour and a half and we are godsmacked, we don't know wether it is supposed to be funny or we are supposed to be laughing as much as we were!

So that was Simon, in a nutshell, it was he/shes prancing around badly, miming badly and lots of feathers!

After the show had finished we head outside to see the Thai's doing what they do best, trying to make a bit of money! They are all lined up calling people over for a photo, so obviously Austen heads straight for Tina Turner (who was actually amazing!) and then get asked for money!

After this we were both a bit confused and didn't know who was women and who were men and were basically a littled freaked out by the whole Simon thing.

We eat dinner in silence we are still not sure what gender the waiter/ress was....then we head home, curl up and rock ourselves to sleep.

We are not easily shocked or transgenderphobic! We have been in Thailand for a while now and you see it everyday, but the Simon Show was just on another level completely!


p.s camera has a virus so the next few posts may be missing photos, we are trying to get it fixed but not sure if we will recover them :(

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