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This 'party' Tuk Tuk had Westlife playing at 1,000 decibels!

Today we left Ko Samui and was basically travelling for about 12 hours by minibus/coach/ferry/minibus down to Phuket.

The journey was crap but we met a really nice Australian couple called Kyle and Kate who were staying in Phuket too which was cool.

We dropped them off at their hotel first and then the driver told us to gt out as well cos the place we had booked was up in the hills (away from the beach and civilisation!) and so we had to get a tuk tuk up there. Thanks buddy!!

It turned out it was only about 2 minutes away but it was about 100 meters up which let me re-assure you is a struggle for most of the Thai vehicles, let alone the Tuk tuk's which are basically modified Nissan Rascals!!

The hotel was cool and everything but it pretty much cost us the same to stay there the night as it did to get a tuk tuk into and out of town.

We basically just had some fud and had a quick look at the internet before it crapped down with rain and we retired after a very long day.


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