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We left Dillon and headed east. We are still having trouble with the coach overheating on long grades. There were several places were the temperature started to rise but we were able to keep it under control by going real slow. It took us two days to go the 680 miles. We are staying at the Hart Ranch. This is the nicest park we have ever stayed.

We arrived early in the day so I decided to go get my driver's license. We arrived around lunch time and there was no one in the waiting room. I quickly learned you cannot get a new driver's license with just your old one as identification. Now, thanks to homeland security, you need two items for identification, 1 item proving your SS#, and 2 pieces of mail with your home address. I went back to the coach and collected the required items. Then back to the DL place. This time, the waiting room was filled with people and I was number 17. My turn finally arrived. I handed the women all my paperwork. She looked at my address and said..... You have a PMB so you need to show a receipt from a hotel, motel, or campground. A PMB is a Personal Mail Box which means it is a business address not a residential address. Back I went to the coach to get the receipt from the campground. This time when I arrived at the DL place, there were even more people in the waiting room. I was number 26. My turn finally came and I handed all my stuff to the clerk. This time everything went smoothly and off I went with my new South Dakota DL. I got about 3/4 of the way to the coach when I decided to check my new license. Crap..... It was a Class 1 license not a Class 2 which included motorcycles. I haven't driven a bike in a few years but I still don't want to give up the endorsement, so back I went to DL place. Rather than wait in line, I stood near the desk of the women who processed me. I had visions of her telling me it was too late because they already destroyed my GA license so there was no proof of my motorcycle endorsement. But that didn't happen. Once she finished with the current customer, she asked me what was wrong. She then corrected the error and printed a new DL. This only took 4.5 hrs. It appears that everyone will have to provide the same documentation when you renew your DL in every state.

On Thursday, we played pickleball for the first time since April. Dan hurt his foot again so we won't be playing again.

Today I am spending my time updating my journal and getting ready for the dash across the USA to PA.

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