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Outdoor Resorts Cathedral City

Shopping with the new scooter



Dinner with Larry and Diane from Swan Lake

Orchard with grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes down the East side of...

This fruit is available to everyone when it is ripe, usually January.

Our street

One of seven satellite pools and the closest one to us.

La Palma Clubhouse, one of two.

It's very lush here.


It was cloudy on the way up from San Diego but a nice drive. There was traffic of course but not too much. We stopped at Morongo Casino to make our lunch then on to Pilot for fuel. We arrived at Outdoor Resorts just after 1:00. It's a beautiful spot, green grass and lots of palms and flowers. No problems with the site - yet. We chatted with Garret and Nancy, our landlords. They are just across from us. Everything came out for this stop - fire pit, BBQ, table, all the chairs.

About 9:15 pm we heard the sprinklers coming on for the first time. Since we have had problems with white spots from water before, we rushed out to see. Three of the sprinkler heads along the patio were broken so there was a flood on the patio. Fortunately they are only on for about 30 seconds at a time. Then we went to the back of the coach and discovered water all over the back. We wiped it all down and went back inside. Larry called Security and a guy showed up who understood what water spots can do to a paint job. The sprinkler guy who came to shut them off, but not before they cycled through again, told Larry that he had just got into bed when security called. It seems the workers get an early bed time here as they start early to avoid the heat during the day.

Maureen went for a long walk around the perimeter of the whole park the next day, about a 40 minute walk. The sprinkler repair guys showed up and replaced 4 sprinkler heads in about 4 minutes. We went to Panera Bread for lunch and then to Time Warner to pick up the internet modem that we had arranged for. Larry spent the next few hours trying to make it work with no success so we called for a technician. In the meantime we found a leak from what looks like the radiator (antifreeze) so we called a guy for that who never did show up. Just one thing after another sometimes!

Saturday the Time Warner technician was supposed to be here between 11 and 12 and they were supposed to phone 20 minutes before they arrive. If you don't answer you lose the appointment. At 10:55 Larry's iPhone went black. So he hustled off to the Apple Store. Meanwhile the sprinkler guy arrived and replaced another head. At about 12:30 the Time Warner tech arrived. He'd been trying to call but decided to come by anyway. He fixed it quite quickly but he had to phone for an additional code. Larry got back just as he was leaving. His phone started working when he got to the Apple store of course. We went to Costco in the afternoon and got 2 amazing lobster tails and ate the whole works for dinner along with some filets.

On the 20th we met Diane and Larry (from Swan Lake) for Happy Hour at the Classic Golf and Country Club. Cheap drinks and good food offers. On the 22nd we went to the Thanksgiving dinner at the big clubhouse, El Saquaro. It had cost $18 and wasn't that great - they did not have any heaters under the food and it was pretty cold. It wasn't even real turkey! The good part is that we were seated with a couple from Port Moody, a couple from Gibsons and a couple from Montana. We also met another couple from Garden Bay. There were a lot of BC people there.

Larry's been doing a lot of Swan Lake work since he's been here. One night we went over for a glass of wine to the people from Garden Bay, Brigitte and Poul. We also checked out another RV resort for next year (actually right next door to this one). We've been in the pool and hot tub a number of times. Larry goes all over in his new scooter, including to Stater Bros for groceries. Maureen's been doing a lot of walking - the blocks are long here! The weather has been great. On the 29th we went to Diane and Larry's for dinner. They are only about 15 minutes from us and have a double-wide that they have fixed up beautifully.

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