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Our 'little' scene & tree...Located on dining room table!

Love my little white crocheted tree & our Christmas ball, handprint courtesy...

Bonnie & Larry have a beautiful tree this year...Enjoy all of their...

Jermaine celebrated his 18th birthday last Saturday...

Levi, testing out his cupcake!

Moustache from top of cupcake. Too cute!

My Taboo team...Looks like Jermaine is thinking hard about this clue, lol!

So was my hubby!

Party's wrapping up & so is Miss Jasmine! Time to watch a...

We'll see you on down this road in a couple of days!!!

Can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted. My how the time does fly! 'Tis the season, right? It's been a busy time settling in & trying to prepare for the holidays. I managed to get a few Christmas decorations up earlier this week and got a bit of Christmas shopping done. It's going to be a small Christmas this year for sure. Not to whine but have you guys noticed how the price of nearly everything has gone up? Especially grocery store prices!

Fortunately gas/diesel prices are coming down a bit to compensate for the increases. Just in time for our trip back to Ely in the morning. We're going for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with Mom. I talked a blue streak about her coming to Vegas with us or taking her down to Riverside, CA to spend some time with sister Elaine but it appears she's not budging from home this year. So, we'll just have to go to her! It's supposed to snow this evening but I don't think it will be much & the forecast shows sunny skies for both Saturday, Sunday & Monday. We're looking forward to spending time with her :)

Saturday we attended Jermaine's 18th birthday party. There was a nice turnout for it, mostly family & very close friends. We enjoyed playing a team game, Taboo, even though our team didn't win. Bah humbug!!! I am not a very good loser :) Jasmine & Levi were just getting over colds so we had to work at keeping our distance. Hopefully they will be totally well when we see them again & we can give adequate hugs & kisses!

I hope you are all doing well. We aren't traveling right now so I'm not posting as much. And so our viewing numbers are dropping daily as folks check in & find nothing new has been written. My annual 'subscription' is due again on December 27th & I haven't decided whether to renew this year or not. Guess I'll let you know later in the month. I've been writing this blog since 2006, have posted over 20,000 pics (wow, can you believe that one!) and even posted a few videos. I think if I stop I'll probably actually miss it. Anyway, I'll let you know....Have a great night, and thanks for stopping by!

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