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These photo's are pretty much all of the National Park islands. "The...





The Boat












The Lagoon

More lagoon!


I know tyhere is a lot of pictures...but it was pretty amazing!


view from the view point

There's a storm a comin!

here comes the rain

A LOT of steps up to the view point!

Our boat!

Tha lagoon....again!?!



Feeding the fishes


Dunno what this was but it was about 4ft long and looked...

It is a hidden path to the lagoon......I only just made it!!!!

Don't tell anyone. It's a secret!!!

Back to the beach..... just in time for it to start raining...

It does exactly what it says on the post

Really calm sea on the way back to Ko Samui

Just in case you didn't quite get how calm it was!

I nearly wiped out about 6 times on this thing......

Em on the Quad...............going at 3 mph.

10 minutes and 100 yards later.......

"It doesn't matter how fast you go as long as you have...

This is the next day............................

2 weeks later!!!!

We had booked a boat trip into the National Park today so it was an early start.

After about a 90 minute boat ride from Ko Samui we arrived at a beach on one of the many islands in the National Park.

Please excuse the fact we have about a million photos of scenery but I don't really want to delete this off as our camera is playing up a bit as I think the SD card we are using/have used has got a virus which makes it unreadable.

Annnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyway the islands/scenery in the National park is largely untouched and is really beautiful (except for the boat loads of tourists!).

At the first beach we got to we went for a bit of sea kayaking around a small island which was fun (but yes knackering!) and then we hung out on the beach/snorkled for an hour or so before lunch.

We had lunch back on the big boat which was deeeeeeeeeeeelush and it was sooo cool eating on the back of a boat with the views that we had!

After this the boat went round to a different island which has a hidden lagoon in the middle of it (this is what 'the beach' was based on I think). It wasn't THAT far into the island to see it but the steps got quite steep in parts and towards the end we were getting a bit out of breath but the view of the lagoon was really amazing.

You're not allowed to swim in the water here but after seeing a 4ft dinosaur fish bird thing in there we were more than happy to abide!!!

When we were getting back into the boat at the end of the island visit we noticed what looked like little petals in the water, thousands of them, which actually turned out to be jelly fish and had stung the group of people about 20 minutes before us!!!! That made it interesting getting in/out of the boat!!!

After a 90 minute boat ride back to Ko Samui we had a choice of Quad Biking or Elephant treking.

As we had already done an Elephant Trek in Ko Chang we pumbed for the Quad biking.

That was a lot of fun but I nearly over cooked it a couple of times which could have been nasty! Em went for the oposite approach and broke the world record for the slowest lap in history. To be fair Quad bikes scare her so it was a bit of an acheivement for her, and to be fair we were all still awake when she finished to lap which was also an achievement!!!

Cool day though and the scenery was wicked.

Shall I stop going on about the scenery now!?!?!


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