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Today is the day we fly to Hawaii and it's also Pop's Birthday. Happy Birthday Pop. Yes Nanna's birthday two days ago and Mum's two days before that. Pop turns 94 today and sounded fantastic on the phone. He has obviously improved heaps since the last scare and it is good for the heart to know it. Pop is the only man in the world that has always had my admiration and respect. No other can claim that and the great thing, he never had to earn it. People in our lives need to earn our trust and respect but every now and then, some just get it straight up and it stays. I have such fantastic Grandparents. People seriously need to be jealous.

The customs experience at the San Fran airport was crap as usual. We both got pulled over for the full check. We had all our things on us gone through and had to be put into that machine that blows air on you then sucks it out to see if you have any traces of explosives on you. Seriously, don't they think that terrorists shower or wash their hands because that is the impression that we got.

The guy had both Mum and I one after the other and was good about the whole thing and hey, at least this time I didn't get felt up! I kind of thought that we wouldn't have to go through that part as they have to have a female do it.

While I was waiting for Mum to be finished with her turn at terrorist treatment, I saw Curtis Stone. He is an Aussie chef who has made good with his own show here called 'Take Home Chef'. Mum's a fan so we caught up with him quickly so she could say hi. He is bloody tall and slimmer than we expected. Not bad for a chef but it proves that thing about the ' adds 10 pounds' bit true!

We got into Honolulu after a relatively good flight. Once again there was no food (except for what you could buy) and no rear seat screen so you get to choice what you watch. They put on lots of bits and pieces of things and one movie. 'Little Miss Sunshine' was the flick of choice and had Toni Collette in it. Not a great film but worth a look.

The traffic was horrid but being a Friday night, not a surprise. We managed to get to the hotel (9 miles) in Waikiki and booked in. It's a short walk from the beach and surrounded by other hotels. The room is suffice but we had problems getting the internet to work so need to get that fixed tomorrow.

We hadn't eaten for 9 hours so after briefly settling in, headed to the food joint on the corner attached to the hotel. It serves Japanese/American. In other words it's Japanese but what's served is acceptable to what an American would expect to find and consume.

Speaking of the Japanese, they seem to be the most prevalent faces here. It's quite a switch after Mexican's in America to this.

Now before some smarty pants picks me up on the fact that Hawaii is a state of the US, I know. However I do feel that a couple of things need to be pointed out. Most of the world although acknowledging the fact that Hawaii and Alaska are two of the fifty states, consider them to stand on their own...so to speak.

I mean Hawaiian's are just that, not called Americans. Same again for Alaskan's. They also have their own languages. So I like most others do not consider Hawaii to be part of the US but a place of it's own. That is the way I have always thought of it and that is the way it shall remain.

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