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Prayer Wheels in Alchi

One of Many Temples

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Map of Monastery/Temple Complex

Woodwork Is Beautiful - Many Temples - Some Date From 1225 AD


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Day trip with Martin & Marget to Alchi and gompas...we headed towards the bus station but on the way...even as Martin and I talked of health issues and how lucky we are now, Bonnie stumbled and fell hard on the roadway/metal grating severely wrenching her right arm/shoulder in trying to catch herself - unsuccessfully! She insisted we continue being more concerned about perhaps having ripped her shirt and getting her clean pants and shirt all muddy! We continued onto the minibus which luckily still had seats and departed on time at 8am. It was a 3 hour ride during which time an ibuprofen had some affect as well as a danish roll Bon had purchased. Still a bit 'shocky' by what I saw she still was game and we walked around Alchi & saw lots of very different, old monastery/temples. By the time we'd finished our walk about (Marget was off doing her own walk - a bit more strenuous than 3 of us), we were ready for tea. Had a great chat with Martin who'd been through this area 19 years before trekking and camping. He was a wealth of info which put many things in perspective for me. An 'old' soul type, I enjoyed listening to his stories a lot. Marget is some years younger and a bit less talkative but still good company as well.

While sitting waiting for the minibus to return, Marget just happened to mention that this was one time when she wished she had more $$$ and could hire a taxi back. Well, someone was listening and he approached us first with a 150 pp offer but finally agreeing to take the 4 of us back to Leh for 100 rupees each ( bus is 80 rupees)! A wonderful ride and discussion during our return caused the time to fly and we found ourselves back in Leh by 5. Martin suggested Bon might want to get an X-ray which she agreed to...they knew right where to go which facilitated the decision greatly. X-rays showed perhaps a thin line fracture and the doctor recommended 4 weeks in a sling although the tech guy said he thought just not lifting anything and keeping it down would be sufficient. Bon is exhausted and so we drop our plans to do some shopping to just eat and go back to GH to get ready for leaving at 4am tomorrow. She still had to wash clothes majorly muddied by her fall. She has a huge bruise on her arm as well as a sore shoulder so I think being on a bus for 2 days to Manali will be good!

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