Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Mary and Bob Lovria

Union Solder carved out of a dead tree

Very impressive

Batavia First UMC

Seemed like home

The Geneseo UMC where we were married

The VanDuzer-Strachan original home Batavia, NY

Peter and Bonnie

Geneseo State University


The Valley

The Grads




Ted and Shirley

Shirley's Dorm

Reenacting our first kiss at the exact spot!

Our dorm


Beautiful campus and girl

Shirley and Ted's Science building

Ted and Bonnie

Where I studied ? and did radio. Note the radio tower.

To the cornfields

The Long's have show sheep.

Suzanne and Shirley

Richard, Suzanne and their four beautiful girls

I worked for this radio station for 7 years.

New Dwyer Stadium

Decent crowd

Pardon the laps yesterday but we have to sleep sometime. WOW what a whirlwind and what FUN! We spent the entire day Saturday with our friends Bob and Mary Lovria. It was again like we haven't been apart for the 25 years we have with the exception of a few visits here and there. We were going to ride bikes but the weather did not cooperate. We talked, went to lunch at a locally famous Pizza place, talked, had barbeque dinner at our camp, played games and talked. The day flew by. Sunday we got up early and had breakfast at Don and Pat's (see Friday) joined them for church at Batavia First UMC our FIRST church since both of us came back to the church. Both our children were baptised there. We headed off to Conesus Lake to visit one of Shirley's college roommates Bonnie (Fergus) and Peter Chrichton and had a very nice visit and a lot of laughs. We then headed off to Geneseo the site of Genenseo State University our Alma mater. This is where I met Shirley with the help of Don Orilio (who has been mentioned here many times) and Ted Saunders who we met up with to take a stroll down memory lane for the three of us. I think I could have stayed at Geneseo all my life if everyone else stayed the same age. Oh it was such FUN! We met Ted's wife Bonnie (also a Geneseo grad) for an early dinner at Pizza Hut. We have not seen Bonnie for quite a while and it was so nice to catch up with her. She has horses and is a photographer of note. Not done yet. We drove back to Batavia and I dropped Shirley off at Don and Pat's and the four of them went to Bergen to visit with Richard and Suzanne Long and their four girls for a graduation party. Suzanne and Shirley were commuting buddies for years to Rochester and Richard was a dairy farmer (not anymore). We were originally introduced to them by.....Don and Pat. I opted out, not because I did not want to see them, but this visit came up after I had made plans to go to the Batavia Muckdogs NYP League Baseball game. We both got home and just crashed. But what a great day. Packing up this morning and heading about 40 miles to Lockport NY to spend the day with my college roommate and his wife. David and Lora stories tomorrow. By the way, when you see the pictures at the top of the blog it only shows a few of them. There is a link at the pictures to "see all pictures". Be sure to click that link to see them all. Enjoy the pics.

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