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Em's not look 'all that' relaxed here as 2 seconds earlier the...

There's an orange monkey there somewhere........

The monkey left soon after the photo's cos he said my hair...

Em about to squash a couple of Brians sporty relatives.

Ems first shot on crazy pirate golf.... didn't go well!!!

Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh, I dressed up as a tubby castaway just to play 9...

Easy Tiger!

Em was in a panic to take her next shot, as a...

We saw a Thai lady suffering from the very rare 'Smallwhitelegivitus' disease

Sad isn't it. The only silver lining is that she must save...

We headed on down to the beach for some brecko today.

It was like perfect sand and crystal clear sea.......which we looked at while we ate!!

We had a wander up/down the beach which was wicked but was quite busy and the tide was in so space was at a premium. Because of this we headed back to the space and safety of our mountain pool and splashed about until the sun set.

We headed back into town tonight to get some authentic Thai food...............PIZZA HUT BABY!!! Come on man it's our first Pizza Hut in 3 months!!

Then we hung in a bar to watch Spurs play at about 11pm.

Different game, different team, same result.

I have a theory. It's my beard.


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