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The alarm went off early this morning as we had the last few touches to do for the camper and then drive into Hayward which we knew was not going to be quick. It actually took two hours to get in and after filling up the LPG and fuel at the place told to us by Road Bear we only made the 10.30am cut off by a few minutes.

You actually have to have it back by 11am but if you want a free shuttle to your hotel, you have to be there by 10.30am. We took the guy around the camper and told him of all the issues and also of the broken glass. One thing he didn't notice and neither did we until our last check was that I had left the mat back at the RV park. OOPS. I had taken it out to shake it off and when Mum called me to help with something else, I forgot about it. Oh well, we left the cable with them and that is worth more so even stevens...or close enough.

He told us that the one we hired was going to be sold as a lot of the other rentals as well. The design was to be updated as the current design gets a lot of complaints. It's a booming industry but after quickly looking in one of the others just a tiny bit bigger than ours, we would buy that one instead as well. It's a better set up and there is no chance of bumping your head getting in and out of the front seats. Yes we both did...several times.

San Fran was covered in fog so like Edinborough, we kind of missed seeing it. Good that we had already driven through it so we at least got to see how fabulous it is.

The guy that took us to our hotel was a Swiss gentleman who is moving to Melbourne next June. He went to Sydney for an interview for a camper company in Oz and got the job. He works as a mechanic and can't believe that he has to stay in San Fran to finish his current contract. All the while he is of course loosing bundles of money as the pay rates here are atrocious. We wished him well and gave him a tip.

The hotel was a Comfort Suites but not as good as the ones we have stayed at before. Not bad either though. We also got a warning letter about protesters outside the building. The hotel had been bought out by a company that fired all the current staff and replaced them with their own. So disgruntled employees spent their days picketing. Can't blame them really as since we have learnt that the holiday system is so poor, redundancy packages probably don't exist.

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